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  1. How many scores are per stage needed? There are just some named, are the unnamed just one score?
  2. Uuuuuuhhh loop 19 is even faster than 18. Finally someone Got timetravel Feature enabled :D
  3. Hey Albi, i dont get the price point. Of course are they rare put for example a board with 680i sli chipset P5N32-E SLI can be bought in GER for like 45€ If there would be a difference performancewise ok, but i cant see it.
  4. But for know just zoom into his mem tab and take a look onto the alignment or compression artefacts :D Incredible Photoshop skills!!! We got in germany a saying for that: "setzen 6" which means translated "sit down f"
  5. Screenshot faked! just take a look on the CPU-Z mem tab at CL and ull find a 12 in the word clocks [img]https://imgur.com/a/hgCtCuD[/img]
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