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  1. I'm looking for a cheapish CPU Dice pot with shipping to Hungary.
  2. Nobody? I'm also up to a change for an AIO or something that's more useful for me.
  3. I sell all of my WC parts: Alphacool Nexxxos XP3 Light Alphacool Nexxxos ST30 Full Copper 280mm Alphacool VPP655 D5 Vario + EK D5 X-Top Rev 2 Custom 200ml Reservoir 13/10 fittings: 6 EK Compression, 2 noname compression and 2 barb with koolance clamps Alphacool tubing ~ 2m an inline XSPC lcd temp sensor and another temp sensor which works with battery and no inline EK Cryofuel Blood Red ~ 1.3l a 500ml bottle thingy that makes filling easier The whole lot would be 140E + shipping.
  4. I'm looking for older gpus (like 8800gts, 9800gtx, gtx 260, hd3870, hd4870, 5770 etc) with waterblocks.
  5. Hey guys! I wonder if anybody has a CPU pot for sale on a good price. (compared to the alzashop sale -> new F1s are ~€157)
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