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  1. Looking for these parts with shipping to Hungary.
  2. Price drops: -Commando + 40 C2D + OCZ Reaper: 25€ -PSC kit: 20€ -E-die: 30€
  3. Hey! 1150 with a Z87M OCF. 2666c8: 1.875V and the PCB is: ST-SG38U816 V1.0
  4. Update again. Samsung E-Die kit. I could only test to 3600 12-20-20-36 because of weak IMC, but they're probably able to do at least 3733. Price: 70€.
  5. I’ll add this PSC kit to the listings as well. It can do 2666 8-12-8-28 32m. Price: 40€.
  6. I’ll add an Asus Commando motherboard (only the better memory channel works in dual channel mode), 2x1Gb OCZ Reaper ram and 40 pieces of C2Ds (every model from E2xxx series to E7xxx) to the listing. Price: 40€ but negotiable.
  7. I'm also looking for an SS.
  8. I'm looking for a cheap DICE pot for CPUs with shipping to Hungary.
  9. I'll add 2 G3258s to the listing. 10€/piece, together 18€. [SHIPPED, SOLD]
  10. Also I'm up for an exchange. I'm mainly interested in good 775, 1156, 1155, AM3, AM3+ and FM2+ motherboards and cpus for them.
  11. I’d like to sell these boards, ‘cause I need a 2 dimm one. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Buyer covers shipping fees. Maximus VIII Gene: 65€ No original box. IO shield + 1 bios chip with non-k xoc bios on it. On the other bios there’s a coffee lake bios. The board has a BCLK bug: if you set it to 100 in the bios it will be 80 irl, so to have 100 bclk irl you have to set it to 125 in the bios. Z170 OC Formula: 80€ [SHIPPED, SOLD] With box and original accessories. No bios mod or any bugs.
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