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  1. Keep it up man. Maybe try to run some other benches as well, Cinebench R15 for instance. Just make sure to check out the rules before posting any results.
  2. Close this please.
  3. Gooday'! I'm looking for a good 9900k for watercooling, maybe chilled water too with shipping to Hungary.
  4. Up for the remaining stuff.
  5. Since I stopped benching, I have some stuff left that I want to sell, which are the following: Random 1366 and AM3 CPUs with some decent ones 31 piece: €1.5/piece = €46.5 together. SHIPPED 2x Laing DDC-1T + dual DDC top + basic Laing DDC top + 6x Monsoon 10/13mm fittings + 1x Alphacool 10/13mm fitting: €44 i7 950 - 3849B099, capable of 1.35625V for 4704MHz: €40 SHIPPED Xeon E5620 - 3221C847, see my E5620 submissions: €15 SHIPPED 8800GTS 320mb: €10 X58A-UD5 Rev 1: €60 SHIPPED Crosshair IV Formula: €35 SHIPPED 790FXT-UD4P: €25 SHIPPED 4x2GB OEM BDSE, capable of at least 2300 7-12-7: €25 Shipping within Europe with DPD. Payment via PayPal.
  6. I want to sell these videocards as well. All of them are working well, but the 275's fan is stuck on 40%. 8800GTS 320mb: 11.5€ GTX 275: 17€ HD 7970 Lightning Black Edition: 85€ Shipping in the EU with DPD.
  7. I'm also interested in 8600k/9600k/f. Thanks, but that's a little too much for me.
  8. I want to sell this board. Works fine, no original box or accessories. I give a random Phenom II X2 550 with it as a gift. 60€ + shipping with DPD.
  9. I was thinking a lot about whether I should build a chilled water or not, because with peltiers, or those Hailea units can get pretty expensive and if I understand well they aren't as cool as phase change coolers. As I see the phase change coolers can get very expensive too, but the single stages can get down to around -30, right? Honestly I really can't decide which would be the better choice for me, because I'd only use the chiller on older cards after I get a cpu pot, but with a phase change cooler it could be different in my opinion, because I'm sure it's fun on cpus too. So does anyone build and sell phase change coolers in the EU?
  10. I am looking for the above mentioned hardware. Decent X99 boards like R5E, SOC Force, OC Formula etc. For the 5960x, it would be awesome if it's capable of 5000 or above in Vantage with dice. For the 8700k, it should be around 5800 in Vantage with dice. I need them with shipping to Hungary.
  11. I'm looking for a dice/LN2 cpu pot, that I'll use mainly with dice. I'd need it with shipping to Hungary.
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