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  1. Wow! Ivy Bridge Already started breaking world records before even it is released worldwide! Congratz!
  2. if you can then create a bug. Its also a skill. I can make it easily. huh...
  3. Why are you using 32bit windows? 32bit OS can't utilize more than 3.2GB, I think you don't know that.
  4. I am wondering which cooler you used to cool that beast. Let me guess. Its between Noctua NH D14 or Xigmatek s1283 DK?
  5. When can we expect a reply from support team? We are the only active Bangladeshi member of hwbot and want to represent our OC skill. We are newbie to OC, so I hope we will get all kind of help we need regarding OC from hwbot support team. Thank you, salmanshah
  6. As far as I know it is done intentionally and it won't be fixed. Forgot the exact reason.
  7. Hi, I want the captaincy of my team "Team BGOS". I also want my team to get ranked in nationals and worldwide. Thank you. salmanshah Team BGOS
  8. Where should I put it? I just click the submit button on the software and it automatically redirects to this link.
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