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  1. That's still huge on air. My mudhut hit like 40 degrees in the summer lol
  2. If you got a similar bios chip replace it with the corrupted one but don't push it all the way in. should be loose enough when you boot and the code loads you can swop it with the corrupted bios. It will fix your corrupted bios
  3. Nice!!! Where do you stay in a fridge lol 10 ambient
  4. Anyone tried victoria? Dunno if the new one works for ssds but for mechanical its a great bench app. Does it offline as well so windows can interfere with the performance.
  5. Try T2 first. Luckily sandys got a big cache so it hides most of the rams latencys
  6. http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html?/be_hdd.html ^there's a couple. You can test them out maybe you find a gem. If your running xp its got a junk disk alignment which creates a lot more I/0 especially on raid arrays.
  7. keep channel interleaving turned off. And the memory must be set to run in Ganged mode add ECC to non-ECC memory select ECC configuration ECC to allow custom profiles or user set DRAM SCRUB REDIRECT should be disabled and 4-bit ECC mode enabled, otherwise known as killer ECC mode. These settings have ensured the memory to become stable. DRAM BG scrub set to 1.31MS Data cache BG scrub set to 5.12US L2 cache BG scrub set to 5.12US L3 cache BG scrub set to 5.12US You can play around with it to see what get you stable with ram at 2000mhz
  8. The AMD IMC does not like high voltage memory at high clocks Dram config page add ECC to non-ECC memory watch the magic happen
  9. The problem is not with price of the cards its the 1600p LCDs prices. AA is there but its not like the real thing. 3 x 1600p screens and it would look awesome
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