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  1. Reported this exact score back in November due to the insanely low latency, was told it was fine and a tweak Keep said he wanted to reproduce score sometime but did not want to share the tweak
  2. Oooh alright, thank you And yeah my score is pretty bad because I only had single rank sticks at hand 😅
  3. Good evening, two days ago I played around with the igpu of an i5 4670k for the 2001SE stage and uploaded the result: https://hwbot.org/submission/4296298_ However while it shows up as being in the country cup, it does not seem to influence my countries (germany) score for this stage and the result does not count for it. I tried uploading it two times through different paths and Bilko also tried removing and readding it (thanks again) with not much success. I would like to know why it is not showing up and if I can do anything in the future for this to not happen, if possible I would also like to know if this is to be expected when i will sub for other stages that i will try to submit for in the coming days. Thank you in advance and have a nice december yall
  4. Awesome score, wp! :D Would also love to know load power consumption, need to be some insane numbers
  5. So... something else popped up, big thanks to the person that messaged me! I guess this can be closed now, one should be enough for the time being 😄 Also happy new year to everyone reading
  6. Thank you for the link, I saw that thread which also peaked my interest, but unfortunately pickup only would be very hard as I would need to transport via train or bus which will more than double the cost. (Or talk somebody into driving me ~15+ hours, dont have a license myself unfortunately) 😥 If nothing else pops up and it is still available in a few weeks/months I may just bite the bullet and buy some train tickets.
  7. Hello dear hwbotters, as I'm looking to get started with sub-zero I would like to buy a single-stage cooling system. I am located in southern germany, looking forward to any response
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