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  1. darkage

    Kaby Lake

    Hi Looking for a cpu to complete my Apex IX I3 7350K I5 7600k I7 7700k No need for gold models, something to have fun Thanks João
  2. darkage

    Intel I7 870

    Up Enviado do meu Nexus 5 através de Tapatalk
  3. darkage

    Intel I7 870

    have a spare i7 870 not needed anymore as my GD-80 gave up asking 100€ shipped any requests please let me know sorry for the delay here it is
  4. MAXIMUS VII GENE - 140€ (COMPLETE RETAIL BOX) its as new, taken well care, all time used with water cooling, has all accessories from asus and retail box SHIP WORLDWIDE can ship around europe and world paypal and B.T. (prefered method)
  5. nothing availlable
  6. darkage

    G3258 #3418B986

    i have this G3258 (bought from this thread) and would like to trade for a i5 /7 + diference http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=121894
  7. darkage


    np thanks for your help :-)
  8. darkage


    looking around
  9. darkage


    looking for a 4770k
  10. yep just like me»» water - custom »» extreme thanks
  11. hi is water cooling now in the extreme league ? i have joined extreme league automatically :-( thanks for any help
  12. hi is water cooling extreme now :-) i have been put in the extreme league automatically :-( thanks for any help
  13. darkage

    [F.S.] 4930K

    thanks to all just sold it last week can be closed, thanks for all your help hwbot
  14. looking for one stick of corsair dominator CMT6GX3M3A200C8 V7.1 as i am going to use it with a RIVE will need 4 and until now can only get a kit of 3
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