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  1. Thx Albrecht, but I think the reall shoutout should go to AMD for making such a nice CPU and Whitehaven refference board, and also to Amit and Bill who really made it look easy. Daniel - Threadripper is the best silicone AMD has now
  2. You think this is funny? I think is s.h.i.t
  3. So I guess it has subtests that have to be run in a different order, with different lod for each, and the hardware clocks adjusted to give exactly the optimum result in each subtest. Oh...wait.... Changing 3 system settings doesn't take much knowledge from my point of view. But if you like to brag about that, good for you. Much Sky Diver, so tweaking, such amazed...
  4. Well...you see, sintax makes a big difference But still, I agree that Sky Diver it's not about tweaking but pushing the platform as high as possible still requires skill...
  5. This is wrong on so many levels... bench more, talk less. I have only been involved in this Country Cup as a mentor so I didn't watch it that close. But from what I have seen, Australia, France and Indonesia did a really good job and really put in a lot of effort. You have my congratulations gentlemen! With 99% of the scores on ambient cooling, the Romanian boys did a pretty awesome job snatching 4th place and they should be proud. However, there is much to be improved, starting from tweaking details, to not making silly mistakes and in the end to attitude. The effort put in this year was good, but it can be better. Regarding rules and HWBot, I say that playing with the same rules is fair for everybody. Though I must admit I don't like XTU and I also don't like seeing no other 3D but 3DMark... The rules were interesting this year but the last stage for instance could have been a 2k1 with some cap in Nature or Dragothic or something like that. All in all, it was an interesting experience even from the side of the battlefield...
  6. Just pretesting to see clocks and stuff. Tweaking and VGA pushing coming soon...
  7. You know what I mean - of course you don't have th exact settings but it cannot be compared to 1M vs 32M.
  8. You need the same settings to run Catzila 720 and 1440. You need same settings to run FS and FSE, same settings fro cinebench, etc. However, you do NOT use same settings and tweaks for Wp 32 and 1024, or for Pi 1M and Pi 32M. The best example is Pi - Ivy Bridge has the overall 1M WR due to higher clocks while Haswell has the overall WR due to optimized architecture. I thought the main point was community voting results vs actual HWBot action...
  9. Out of curiosity, take top 100, and make one of those graphs with the efficiency (you know, points around a line and points outside the line) and then explain.
  10. I think you are totally correct but for this reasons XTU should also be disabled (buggiest benchmark I have seen in my life)
  11. I think the point he was trying to make here is HWBot actions vs vote results. No, I personally never liked PCM05 but that has nothing to do with his point
  12. Something is wrong with the competition points in general - I remembering winning 2 country cups, one MOA EMEA final and one MOA world wide final and yet I have "19 earned in competitions"...
  13. I foresee a great increase in BDBG sales these days
  14. What? This is not back on top bro... Just some 2D benches for warm up... The best is yet to come
  15. Thx for the advice! Right now we are still testing our CPU's to see how they do in each benchmark. Memory tweaking is still in front of us
  16. First pieces of any new tech is...shabby...to be nice. Wait 1 year and then real modules with real specs will come out. It has been the same with DDR3, DDR2, etc.
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