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  1. My gene coldbugs whenever I change bclk in bios, even if it's from 106 to 106.1 .
  2. You better get a chubby on that card soon OCN chubby pot that is...
  3. So we do need a screen shot with the sub. Cause I can't tell from the cpuz link that the gigabutt skin was used... If they are choosing it based on randomizing all the cpuz subs over a certain period of time, then it would seem spamming subs is the best option...
  4. NB pot might work. Though there is a row of pins near the core. Guess it depends on the size of the base. There is that thread about making a NB pot from the copper insert of the Intel stock coolers. That might be small enough. From the looks of it, the core is probably powered from a linear regulator. If it's a fixed one, just pop it off and get an adjustable one. If it's adjustable regulator, find the resistors that set the adj pin.
  5. Will the Pi run any of the typical benches though?
  6. Schmuckles is just mad that he can't beat you and Paco in most of his benching . Don't read too much into it...
  7. Awesome geni.
  8. Do you even lift?
  9. Hope you don't get anything nickel plated
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