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  1. (First note I have been binning IMCs with 8M, not 32M.) I have had multiple CPUs that were not able to do 2666 8-12-8 tight, though this was only in quick profile testing and maybe some of those could do it with some tweaking. I use IMC volts +0.3/+0.25/+0.25 and very lazy +0.05 to each if the chip fails. It depends on the sticks and how many channels as well, I have had multiple chips fail 2600c8 with dual channel sticks that do 2666 all day, and then do 2750 8-12-8 in single on a better stick. For harders numbers, in my most recent round of IMC testing (2666 8-12-8 tight and 2750 8
  2. This seems like the simplest solution. I don't care how many cores people use to validate but I don't like the idea of restricting the option of disabling cores because some people don't like it. It doesn't really make sense when CPU-Z isn't ranked by core count and modern hardware and overclocking is moving away from fixed all-core clocks anyway.
  3. After testing about a dozen quad cores I have found an L310B 4770K with an IMC good enough for my purposes and I've been doing a lot of PSC binning on this board lately. Tested only ~a dozen sticks on this setup so far but some nice results I'm not sure if it's because of this IMC or what, but I have had crazy scaling on most sticks, 2V+ easy on all so far and with the right settings even scaling 2.1V+, 2.2V+, and at least booting even 2.3V on some sticks (a mediocre 2000C9 Trident booted 2.33V!), with normal ambients and auto VTTDDR. Helps me not to feel bad about average sticks by MHz/v
  4. Ok fiiine it was me 😁 collection has arrived safe and sound
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