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  1. Ok fiiine it was me 😁 collection has arrived safe and sound
  2. make sure you read the rules :) needs cpu-z CPU tab, Memory tab, and Ryzen on Windows 10 requires Benchmate
  3. Looking for some strong DDR3 Samsung 2Gb Rev.D, well over 1400 9-12-12 waza and/or low voltage kit Will add more over time.
  4. @Leeghoofd I didn't test stock vs bartx but w/ delid I gained about 100-150MHz across the board, slightly better clocks at same volts and scaled better 1.7+
  5. I bin to try to get hardware "as good as TaPaKaH's" 😁. As somebody just getting started in benching and binning, thank you so much for all the data you've put out there over the years. You've done an invaluable service to the OC community. Your name is synonymous with insane scores to me. Sad to see you retire but completely understand, good luck out there
  6. Hey, Reference Frequency is actually for motherboard BCLK - this score should be submitted under W3690 CPU Frequency instead.
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