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  1. Hi everyone. Ihave a little problem with my BIOS on DFI infinity UltraII M2 motherboard. The DFI installed already a latest bios on this motheboard. The version of bios is from 08/09/2006. And when i overclocked my CPU on 2600mhz from 2000mhz it was stability. When i turned my pc of for night when i go sleep and when i waked up and turned my pc i see that my bios is on default setting. and the CMOS was clear. Help me please
  2. Hi everyone. I'm going to change my motherboard from Asus M2n-e nForce 570 Ultra into DFI Infinity M2-II nForce 4 Ultra. And i asking you how to uninstall the chipset drivers from asus m2n-e and next instal new from DFI INFINITY nForce 4 ultra. Write on the kostecki7800@wp.pl or on this forum
  3. Hi thank you for replay. I had a 325 MHZ on fsb and volage on auto in biose. I think I was wrong. I should set voltage on 1,350V and multiplayer on auto. Thank you for help.
  4. Hi everyone. I have a little problem with my hardware. Last weekand I had been overclocking my processor. I have a ASUS motherboard M2N-E nForce 570 Ultra and memory: Corsair DDR2 PC-6400 800MHZ 5-5-5-12 512MB in single. I stuck on 2700MHZ witch mem: 533MHZ in bios, fsb: 270MHZ, mutiplayer X10 and voltage 1.424V. Please help me. Write on the kostecki7800@wp.pl
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