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  1. when submitting for the competition, you must use the comp background
  2. easy to sell at that price: "Don't want to reveal all backups but it does easily over 2200MHz GPUPI Price: 350€"
  3. Well done! Never ran PCM7 before and it was done for an event with zero testing.
  4. 99% of the time, the vendors are the ones supplying it. MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS have all used LHe to chase records. If someone is willing to spend the money, who are we to stop them?
  5. Kid? You might want to check yourself before you start down that road.
  6. OP is ASRock in house bencher. Roman benches everyone anymore. ASUS salty for losing? Man people got a weird way of reaching conclusions
  7. Not really @M1RROR. Y-Cruncher needs more than AVX512 to be successful.
  8. yes didn't bother with memory tuning as I was just testing chip. Have 2 more chips to go through
  9. Out of almost a full tray, only had three somewhat decent candidates
  10. submit to HWBOT and edit once uploaded
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