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  1. Hello together, i´m looking for a 9900 KS with 5.3 with max. 1,245 Vcore on ambient or 5.4 with max. 1,35 Vcore (Cinebench) on ambient ~27°C. Plz dont offer me an extensively used CPU for LN ->no interest. Thanks to all Ddarkevel
  2. Plz stop this discussion. This has nothing to do with my thread. Thanks 😉
  3. 9900k is a big problem of heat. This is the reason why no 9900k. And for my project is the 8086k perfect. And your 8700k reach max. 5300MHz.
  4. Some one in this forum sold a 8700k with 5.5@1.35vcore. This is the reason why I think is possible.
  5. I dream for 1.35vcore. But I have no target but not 1.5vcore. What do you have? I ready to pay a good price for a good cpu.
  6. I looking for cinebench stable
  7. Hi@all, i looking for a 8086k with 5.5GHz on AiO or with normal waterloop. I looking forward for your offers. Best regards
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