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  1. I have one showing over 5000 and one under, just in case. What about you? Are you sandbaging?
  2. In this stage and test everything is tweaking. Yes overclock gives more point but if you check my first result frequencies are the same. Tweaking gives around 30% boost in points or more. We will see at the end. I'm sorry for asking about tweaks.
  3. Are you serious? I think that everything on default will do the magic.
  4. Hi all, Can you share, secret for high iGpu points? Is there a way to set driver to performance or anything else?
  5. Tried 3200Mhz 12-12-12, and load win10 but if voltage is above 1,6v it crashed. With lower voltage it works almost stable. It is the same with 13-13-13 .
  6. Memory can boot at 3866 12-12-12-28 2t and load windows Xp at 1,85v, but can't run any kind of test. At same settings it won't let me login in Win10. It doesn't matter voltage i set. I'll try with tested b-die, to be sure that problem is memory , not mainboard.
  7. I have problem with Gigabyte Z170x- gaming 5 F5x beta bios. When cpu is overclocked, no matter how, and start Xtu motherboard downclock cpu to 3,9-4,1Ghz. I tried everything that may help: power settings, lower voltages, lower memory frequency and nothing. With F4 bios there isn't such issue, but the memory efficiency is low. What can i miss? Any suggestions?
  8. There is an mistake into the submission page - instead of Geekbench3 - Multi Core it is accepted as 3DMark Vantage - Performance.
  9. I think this question isn't for here, but if you talk about GPUPI for CPU, select right benchmark.(100m or 1B)
  10. W.T.F. With fixed cpu frequency, cpu temperature doesn't matter. Memory overclocking is the way for more and more points. Which hwmonitor show memory temperature?
  11. I can't submit in stage1 with my board. Add "Zida BXi-98" please.
  12. If first that submitted the score, have advantage. I must have 18pts, topdog-16pts, Vivi-12pts and pho5ph0ric-14pts.
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