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  1. Thanks! Can't wait. The closest thing I've had to ln2 is a bucket of ice on my radiator. Hopefully I get some experience with dry ice before then to get an idea what I'm doing.
  2. I'm about 2 hours away. It would be tough for me to get away for 3 days with a 2 year old at home but I would like to come and learn for a day. Looking to buy a gpu and cpu pot soon to try dry ice. I have a ton of leftover mining hardware that im not worried about killing too.
  3. Newer drivers with tesselation off and modified memory timings with R_timings from overclock.net are my only "tricks". I didn't do anything to windows it's a dirty old installation that would benefit from a fresh install. I don't know what Jan is doing to memory but he has a better proccesor than me so that helps him.
  4. I know this is old but in my testing I have found that it is just the miniumum voltage that the core needs at maximum memory frequency. I needed to raise this slightly to stop crashing at low loads like chrome browser when pushing the memory hard.
  5. Thanks! I thought i cracked the bios limit but it was just that the card droops more when overclocked under load. I was practicing volt modding the 8228g on an old dead 7950 i have. It looks like it will be a piece of cake. I want to try dry ice but need to find a pot. Any suggegstions? I noticed kingpin has them but they are pricey.
  6. Thanks! I spent some time today working on the memory straps and improved the score a bit. Was also working on getting the bios to let the card go over 1.38V but couldn't crack it. I might get the soldering iron out tomorrow ;)
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