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  1. Preface: I'm a casual bencher who won't likely be effected either way by this decision. I don't see a need to change the rules for CPU-Z validation, but personally I will take the time to look at the result and see if cores are disabled and HT/SMT is on or off. I'll be honest and say that I use the argument that it's much more difficult to achieve a high result without disabled cores etc., but it does not take away from the achievement. In my opinion this is why having a variety of benchmarks is needed. +1 for Leeghoofd's idea about the active cores column and if possible and HT/SMT - on/off column (this would make it easier when casually browsing results)
  2. I like the new format so far much easier to use. I was going to comment about the cpu-z version info not being present in the Cinebench example but looks like maybe you were still working on it because it's included in the wild life example. Good job!
  3. I voted to implement without minimum duration, but would also like Benchmate to be mandatory provided it's compatible.
  4. Thanks! The xtu file was just so you have extra information. I didn't even look at the score lol.
  5. Can you please add a CPU? Intel Xeon E-2276M https://valid.x86.fr/e4qcnv https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/192989/intel-xeon-e-2276m-processor-12m-cache-2-80-ghz.html 7540.xtu
  6. PM'ed my booking info. Hope it helps. Also, I'm interested in some slim GPU pots if you are selling.
  7. Got my Hotel room booked today. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Not sure what all I'm going to bring yet.
  8. Thank you for the trade as well. Also thanks for all the great advice!
  9. I want to start cold benching. I don't have a ton of money to throw at it all at once so I'm trying to get things I need slowly. Right now I'm looking for my first pot so the cheaper the better. I would prefer to get a CPU pot first. I have a couple of 35 liter LN2 dewars for trade if interested. (picked up 4 dewars in a deal and don't really have space to keep them all)
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