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  1. 22 hours ago, andrew.puzoff said:


    plz help to find GIGABYTE Z170-Gaming K3 firmware for non-K OC

    der8auer's bios F2c didn't work with different multiplier


    Unlike K-CPUs which can be overclocked using the multiplier, non-K CPUs have to be overclocked using the BCLK. Pre-Skylake CPUs such as Haswell or Devils Canyon could only be overclocked by about 3-5% using the BCLK because the BCLK was still tied to the DMI and the PCIe.



  2. Hey gurus


    I am really tired of trying every non k bios out there. I have Z170x Gaming 3 motherboard which apparently came with f6 bios. I am trying to overclock i7 6400t ES processor however the bclk oc options are locked. I have tried f5g f5j & f5m bios versions and none of these have been able to unlock the bclk features for the board. Please guide me what should i do?


    F5g (or any earlier) should work for retail CPU version......not sure about your 6400t ES CPU....


    GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 Non-K OC BIOS - Overclocking.Guide



    Just checked ...even F5m should work.


    Can you check CPU ID for your processor.This BIOS's is for 06E3 CPU ID.





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