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  1. I thought you might find this interesting. What if you had a chance to carry your PC in pocket anywhere and anytime and no hassle of carrying bulky laptop. "MOJOPAC" software makes this possible. The amazing thing about mojopac is that you basically create a "PC" on your USB flash/hard drive. You have to see it to believe it. It looks like a PC, acts like a PC, really awesome and very useful for professionals who use laptop very extensively. This is free for 30 days, so download and try yourself, I am sure you will love this. http://www.mojopac.com/?utm_source=help&utm_medium Paul
  2. I travel lot carrying laptop. IÂ’m planning to convert my 2GB USB Flash into personal PC Using following software. http://www.mojopac.com/?utm_source=help&utm_medium I was wondering, any one has experience/feedback with this software. Thanks Paul
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