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  1. Gigabyte GA-x58a-OC looking for this motherboard
  2. Chris-x58guy

    I'm an idiot...

    everybody can make mistakes. If you dont make any mistakes then you are not trying hard enough 😉
  3. Chris-x58guy

    What are you listening to ?

    anything they will play in the radio
  4. Very nice build m8 Gorgeus
  5. Chris-x58guy


    looks nice m8
  6. Chris-x58guy

    [Casemod] Tikki w00t

    Nice pictures
  7. Chris-x58guy

    ASUS Z170-A

    Will give it a try on the asus z170 pro gaming, thx m8
  8. Chris-x58guy

    i7 6700 with Z170X Gaming 5

    Thx for the link Massman
  9. Chris-x58guy

    BCLK Tuning on i5 6600 non-K : help needed

    Hello m8 Did you find a solution to this, my friend is messing with that also
  10. Chris-x58guy

    BCLK Tuning on i5 6600 non-K : help needed

    Did that work ? coz one of my friends is messing with that also, he thought he might have to flash a custom bios on the board to make it go any higher
  11. Hello m8

    I want to buy the Gigabyte GA-x58a-oc if it is still available.

    I have send you a message 

    Regards Chris