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  1. Forgive my question under xp I only have the time that is displayed from memory cpu z does not always indicate the reality. Maybe it's me or a lack of knowledge.
  2. I wish you all a Happy New Year. Peace and love and if you can be nice to me. LOL Take care of yourself . thank you to all the organizers. Nitro
  3. Bravo to Australia. I have a thought for your suffering at the moment. I hope the fires will end soon. Excuse my English.
  4. Okay, so if we can't post? There is a time for everything. If Benchmate is not ready, it must be removed. If the log works every other time. I'm sorry to bother you.
  5. I'd like an explanation. 0.93 does not pass to geekbench5 and on 8.1 . impossible to save. where..... thanks
  6. Hello I'm not on the right track, butis it interesting to change bios for my X hero (1704) for the 9900KF? I found a 9900KF not too bad. tank you
  7. Thank you very much it works.
  8. Hello, I have a problem when I want to download to hwbot. Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafile Thank you for helping me. 440935.hwbot
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