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  1. I run Apex at a good 75 degrees, but running prime95 my temps go straight to 90, im not trying to spend another 600 on a liquid system all tough it would be nice i just did this. https://hwbot.org/submission/4123067_chrisflippo93_xtu_core_i7_8700k_2603_marks
  2. thats actually one of my concerns, my temps get high, 80s-90's but i have changed a few things to increase my "marks"? i know more marks are better, but what exaclty are marks?, also, i was doing comparisons and i need some info on what exactly turbo boost power time window is and how to/ what that should be set at and also what cache ICCmax is and what i should be setting that to as well. i need to do something to try to bring my temps down im running a be quite! dark rock pro 3
  3. this is what i got, not sure what the heck im doing but here i am, opinions? this is just for gaming Intel Core i7-8700K CPU @ 4810.0MHz - 2429 XTU marks on HWBOT
  4. hi guys, i just followed a overclocking guide on youtube, posting my results of the benchmark here, tell em what you think, this is for gaming, not competing. Intel Core i7-8700K CPU @ 4810.0MHz - 2429 XTU marks on HWBOT
  5. i gotcha, i think im in the wrong place, i wanted to optimize my pc and use my rig to the best of its ability, i built a good pc, and id like to overclock a bit. just trying to get the bang for my buck i suppose. sorry for the misunderstanding.
  6. im looking at all these charts with my similar set up and it seems in comparison people with the same set up are overclocking more in areas that i am not? and theres profiles you can download to test on your rig? am i in the right area? lol
  7. i was told trying to overclock to 5 gig is like trying to fry my CPU, i figured you were trolling me.
  8. The title pretty much sums up what im looking for. This is what im running, totally new to overclocking but my set up is pretty beast. i know this is a benchmark but its the only way i know how to show my rig without typing it all out. Intel Core i7-8700K CPU @ 4400.0MHz - 2354 XTU marks on HWBOT
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