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  1. Yeah sorry about the score not showing. Benchmate wasnt picking up anything with cinebench at the time and it was my first time using benchmate so i didnt know the cinebench score would pickup in it till i ran it again. If i havnt already put a valid score i will get around to it eventually
  2. Oh, you have to pay for geekbench for benchmate to pick up its scores. wish i had known that earlier XD
  3. Ahhhh ok, cheers for clarifying that, i will re run these benchmarks and post with appropriate screen shots
  4. Hey guys, anyone else having issues with scores being un submitted? I have had 4 scores un submitted in total from this comp and the intel ddr2/3 comp. Am i submitting them with incorrect requirements? im not getting any notifications as to why they might be un submitted.
  5. Download link for MaxxMem is leading off to some pretty sketchy websites
  6. Awesome. cheers for the response, much appreciated.
  7. Ahhhh ok, yeah i was looking to power a gts 250 as my first zombie card as if i kill it im at no big loss, dont supose you know how to enable all phases at all times?
  8. Sorry for opening such an old thread but im a little confused. You say we have to pull a pin high to keep all phases running but which pin do we have to pull high? and to 3.3 volts im assuming?
  9. not necessarily, you can get away with volt mods on air but you just have to keep it cool. how ever i do want to put this card under chilled water, dice or ln2 at some point and see what i can do with it. Problem is that ln2 pots are exspensive af. unless a second hand one comes up cheap or im able to get copper cnc milled then i wont be going dice or ln2 any time soon
  10. Just ran it in my main system and i was pushing 1.35 volts at 958mhz and it didnt shut down. it now looks like im running into temp based lockups XD as any higher on the core even with more voltage as soon as it hits 85c it locks up, looks like i need a bigger psu and a water block on the card 😛
  11. ohhhhhh, i know the psu is a bit under powered but i thought it would be able to take it. ill try it in my main rig and see what happens
  12. yeah i didnt want to remove it but im not that good with smd's that small so i just took it off and recorded its resistance. Oh well on the bright side i dont have to worry about ocp now haha
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