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  1. Just normal solder. I mean if it cracks after a few runs i have no problem reflowing it. just curious if it will
  2. Yeah i might take it into work one day and unsolder it after eating the bit our and drill the other holes out. for more surface area. you dont think i will have problem with the solder cracking at such low temps?
  3. Hmmm i might have to give that ago. Will be a little while before i use it though. Got alot of stuff coming up soon
  4. Hey guys, thought i would post the homemade DICE / LN2 pot that i designed and made. It starts with the base, it is a solid slug of copper that is 65mm x 50.8 that i purchased for 60 odd AUD on ebay after asking the seller if they could cut a custom length. I then had a 20mm hole drilled down the center of the slug about 45mm deep and the plan was to surround it with 10mm holes the same depth but that was quickly thwarted after finding out how hard copper is to drill as you will see in the pictures there is a smaller hole becasue i snapped a drill bit off in it, in total i broke 3 drill bits trying to drill this slug out but was able to get the other bits out. The copper pipe also has an OD of 50.8mm and was around 210mm long, i lathed a lip around the edge of the slug so the pipe could slip over it and be soldered to it. I then lathed a ring off of the end of the pipe and cut one side of the ring so i could spread it around the pipe and also solder it on, this ring is for the bracket to apply mounting pressure to the whole pot. I had a friend make the mounting bracket out of 6mm aluminium for me based off a rough drawing i sent them, the slots you see cut into it are so it can accomodate different sockets, i have made it compatible with 775, 1155 and i think 1366. the pot will attach to the mainboard with the pictured backplate and another i need to aquire, threaded rod, springs and wing nuts. The only step left in the making of this is to face off the contact surface and lap it to a mirror finish. Once i have finished it i will post some results of using this with my XFX 780i board and some form of core 2 or a pentium 4
  5. If it was set to "off" would that explain the funky voltage with no current capability on my output? Will have a look at setting the VID tommorrow
  6. Hey guys. A little bit ago now i cut the vrm of a DCUII 780 and verified it had no shorts and since then i have been unable to get it to power up. I have supplied the chip with 3.3 volts for VCC, EN, and PSI yet i cannot get it to output properly. It will output 3 oddvolts on the main vrm (which aint right) but has no current capability. An 8 ohm load will drop it to basically nothing. The main VC is an ASP 1212, linked below. Is there a sense line or another enable line somewhere i need to hit with 3.3 volts? I have attached a picture of what i have so far. https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/pb-asp1212.pdf?fileId=5546d462533600a40153567f4b2128a4
  7. TBH when i seen your last score i thought i'd never be able to top that haha. Im curious as to how much i have left in this 580. I wish my lightning was working but unfortunatley its dead, it can't even complete a benchmark anymore the moment it goes from a 3d load to desktop it artifacts and crashes the system.
  8. OMG this was it. I didnt even think to search for 3dmark hanging. The one that Mr.Scott posted was the only one i was able to find on some sketchy af ftp server XD but it didnt work. This one did, thank you so much
  9. Hey guys, does anyone know how to get 3dmark 99 working on windows xp? I have tried the compatability to windows 98/me, it does not launch but there is an active process for it. I have looked around alot of forums and people are talking about how this version does not work on XP but there is a fix to download but all of the links are now dead. i possibly found the fix but after applying said "fix" when trying to start 3d mark it says to use a 3d accelerator that is capable of using textures, this is while i have a hd 3870 in the system and latest drivers for xp. I havent tested another card yet as its 3:15 am and im going to bed. I want to run the benchmark on XP as i see everyone else uses it. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Of course my 580 lightning gets memory issues when i got to run this benchmark again XD
  11. Thats pretty messed up, sorry to hear that he did that to you and others. How has he not been banned from here yet?
  12. Ok then, i have a 3.3 reg setup on the controller now so PSI, VCC and EN are getting the required voltage and now im getting 3.8 volts of the vrm but still not current capabilities. the 8 ohm speaker still drops it to like 200mv. Also, im guessing the VRTN pin is for feedback?
  13. Also just found i dont even a supply voltage to the controller. I swear i had one when i first cut the vrm off. Ill put a dc -dc converter for the 3.3 and will post and update after that
  14. Why the angry faces Noxinite? I have only just woke up so im pretty slow at the moment XD
  15. Hey guys. Recently cut the vrm off a dead asus 780 and now am wanting to get it ready to put on a 750 ti. Problem i am facing after hooking up the enable pin to 3.3v is that the vrm is outputting 1.4 odd volts BUT it cant supply any current. Just putting a simple 8ohm speaker across the output makes it drop to 200mv. The controller is an ASP1212 (Link below) Is there something i have missed when enabling the controller? https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/pb-asp1212.pdf?fileId=5546d462533600a40153567f4b2128a4
  16. Anyone done mem volt Mods to the asus 780 dcuII or have a data sheet to the voltage controller for memory? I was able to manually get the core up but can't find the data sheet for the memory VC as its been renamed to this stupid ass name (02=FD SOH)
  17. Hey guys, recently purchased an asus gtx 780 DCUII from ebay as not working and was expecting a dead core or shot memory as it didnt have an output and was wanting it for the VRM so i could do a zombie mod now the problem is i have put it in my test bench to see if it did work and got nothing, gave it a quick inspection to see if any components where vapourised or cracked but all looked good so i tossed it in the oven just to see if it would magically come back but still nothing so i decided to test voltages, and what i found is that i have no vcore or vmem, the voltage controller is an ASP1212 (attached is the datasheet) i have probed VCC of the controller and i am getting the required 3.3 volts, i would probe the enable pin but it doesnt seem to be hooked up and all the pictures on google show the pcb with the same resistor not in place on the enable pin, unless it has a trace under the VC i have no idea. Can anyone think of any ideas as to what i can do in attempt to power up the VRM manually. I want to see if the core of this card is still good and if it is i will just fix it and use it for benchmarks and if the core is dead but the i can fix the vrm i will cut it up for a zombie. ASP1212.pdf
  18. Yeah not a closed loop, out of the tap in the cpu and down the sink haha. Got some universal gpu blocks on the way and might put the 690 on cold water with liquid metal and will see how hard i can push it then. hahaha, cheers mate :p
  19. I know its super jank and wastefull of water but i only had it trickling through as it doesnt need much flow as its not being recirculated
  20. Yeah sorry about the score not showing. Benchmate wasnt picking up anything with cinebench at the time and it was my first time using benchmate so i didnt know the cinebench score would pickup in it till i ran it again. If i havnt already put a valid score i will get around to it eventually
  21. Oh, you have to pay for geekbench for benchmate to pick up its scores. wish i had known that earlier XD
  22. Ahhhh ok, cheers for clarifying that, i will re run these benchmarks and post with appropriate screen shots
  23. Hey guys, anyone else having issues with scores being un submitted? I have had 4 scores un submitted in total from this comp and the intel ddr2/3 comp. Am i submitting them with incorrect requirements? im not getting any notifications as to why they might be un submitted.
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