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  1. hmmm i haven't caught up to ALL the posts in the thread so far, but i think an important factor is that processors now adays have very little headroom for OCing compared how things were 5+ years ago. When 775 and 1366 and 1156 were around, overclocking was at everyone's fingertips and most cpu's could do 500mhz+ over stock on just some regular air cooling so there was a LOT of tangible benefit and everyone could indulge. Now adays many chips require fancy cooling just to do all-core boost, and even with top-of-the-line custom loop it's difficult to go over 200-300mhz above maximum boost for regular use, and that's a LOT of spending for a meagre 200mhz especially since to go that far you need to spend on a fancy unlocked cpu and ZXXX mobo. I guess like 2010 overclocking was something you could just decide to do and be able to cause pretty much any hardware could OC and benefits were very tangible, these days its a lot of money and you're trying to squeeze a few drops out of a hella dry lemon... -opinion of someone who has both new and old mobos and regularly takes things subzero for fun
  2. So i've heard of a few other cases besides my own of people with Z77 OCF's that are dead and have extremely, if not identical, symptoms. A few i know have, like myself, checked the board for shorts and not found anything out of the ordinary, but it seems important standby voltages aren't coming up when the board is hooked up to PSU; so it won't even attempt to turn on, I/O not getting VCC either since no +5V at power on pins. I've talked to RageBone and it seems there are one or two voltages that can be measured in a very limited area near the ICH, he believes that these boards have all entered some kind of protection mode and that's whats keeping them in this state, but due to lack of documentation of any kind i haven't heard of anyone with this issue being able to fix it (i'm aware of 4 or 5 people with boards in this condition, there are probably more, this seems like that issue with the audio IC on the rampage iii extreme) Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Reviving an old thread lul, mod yet untested but this should be the resistor to short for CBB on a maximus 3 gene / maximus 3 formula, up next gotta figure out my P7P55D
  4. ah i see, i tried the videos method twice yesterday and both cracked, will try the 0c method later today! thanks!
  5. Someone linked me this which is very informative:
  6. Hey all, i recently got my hands on a 1080ti for ln2 and have been encountering problems which i'm quite confident come from cracking thermal paste. I haven't been able to find much good info online on gpu pot mounting and other tricks people might use to help with cracking, paste applications, etc... so i thought i'd make a post asking for any and all advice so others facing the same issue can find answers. Setup: i've been using kryonaut on my 1080ti KPE and an early version of what i beleive is a kingpin fat. been having issues when i go cold, gpu will run benches 100% stock but as soon as i generate enough heat (be it thru just increasing voltages past ~1.4V, or running 1.35V then increasing clocks) the gpu crashes, so after extensive remounting and testing and research i've attributed the issue to thermal paste cracking and have been trying to figure out what i can do. There are a few threads about this type of issue for cpu XOC with a decent amount of info, but nothing on GPU's. My mounting procedure usually involves applying a layer of paste on the die evenly with a spatula, putting the pot on, getting the screws well tightened with my bare hands, heating it up to ~35c, giving each screw a lil extra tightening, then going cold.
  7. has anyone managed to get a copy of that bios? i messaged the facebook page and haven't recieved a reply in a while... i thought these cards were supposed to be LN2 ready 😥
  8. Looking for a good mobo for C2Q overclocking!
  9. Thanks guys, i'm using nailpolish for the 980Ti, but will try to get my hands on plastidip and liquid tape for future trials!
  10. Hey guys, i recent got my hands on some hardware i'd like to permanently isolate, and was wondering what experiences y'all have had with different methods so i could chose what would be best. In this case i'm talking about a gpu since i find them particularly annoying to isolate. Methods i've looked into are nail polish, varnish, vaseline, and dielectric grease. I heard varnish may crack depending on the kind used, resulting in the affected part of the board turning white, which is less than ideal for MB's, but isn' so bad for GPU's which don't go as far sub-zero. Any other experiences?
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