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  1. hey, mind sharing how you got such an absurdly high score? hahaha i subbed at 2200 and you beat me by like 30% at 200mhz lower!
  2. This guy is a fucking champ! Keep up the great work keep ❤️
  3. Ah i posted here cause i know my coding skills aren't up to the task hahaha, my hope was that someone (some people) might find this cool and help me get the the project up and running
  4. We could also, for example, make this benchmark be Windows 10 native to get points, forcing the community to get a little more familiar with windows 10 which is more widely used by modern users and more "pratical" for newcomers, as well as make the results more "useful" for the average user!! (also to motivate the geniuses out there to help make a good benching W10 distro i can use 😆😉)
  5. Hey guys, i had an idea for a benchmark and i don't know where to pitch it, so i'll write my proposal here and y'know, see where it goes. So IMO there is a need for a modern benchmark that is more utilitarian in focus and 2D in nature, and i though of something i do on a regular basis which i use as a "benchmark" and "stability test" which could be awesome for a benchmark which focuses greatly on CORE COUNT, FREQUENCY, AND MEMORY OPTIMIZATION AND FREQUENCY. My proposal is: making a program which uses a standalone version of google's open source chromium browser to load and render a window of
  6. hmmm i haven't caught up to ALL the posts in the thread so far, but i think an important factor is that processors now adays have very little headroom for OCing compared how things were 5+ years ago. When 775 and 1366 and 1156 were around, overclocking was at everyone's fingertips and most cpu's could do 500mhz+ over stock on just some regular air cooling so there was a LOT of tangible benefit and everyone could indulge. Now adays many chips require fancy cooling just to do all-core boost, and even with top-of-the-line custom loop it's difficult to go over 200-300mhz above maximum boost for re
  7. So i've heard of a few other cases besides my own of people with Z77 OCF's that are dead and have extremely, if not identical, symptoms. A few i know have, like myself, checked the board for shorts and not found anything out of the ordinary, but it seems important standby voltages aren't coming up when the board is hooked up to PSU; so it won't even attempt to turn on, I/O not getting VCC either since no +5V at power on pins. I've talked to RageBone and it seems there are one or two voltages that can be measured in a very limited area near the ICH, he believes that these boards have all en
  8. Reviving an old thread lul, mod yet untested but this should be the resistor to short for CBB on a maximus 3 gene / maximus 3 formula, up next gotta figure out my P7P55D
  9. ah i see, i tried the videos method twice yesterday and both cracked, will try the 0c method later today! thanks!
  10. Someone linked me this which is very informative:
  11. Hey all, i recently got my hands on a 1080ti for ln2 and have been encountering problems which i'm quite confident come from cracking thermal paste. I haven't been able to find much good info online on gpu pot mounting and other tricks people might use to help with cracking, paste applications, etc... so i thought i'd make a post asking for any and all advice so others facing the same issue can find answers. Setup: i've been using kryonaut on my 1080ti KPE and an early version of what i beleive is a kingpin fat. been having issues when i go cold, gpu will run benches 100% stock but as soon
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