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  1. now your in aussieland does that mean you now bench for Australia?
  2. I am trying to contact with the user Splmann as I wish to finish a deal that was started a while ago. I wont go into details except payment has been made and was last heard the item will be shipped. All I ask is for him to finish the deal as I know he is a good person and wish to end this on a good terms. I have attempted to contact him via PM, only to receive no reply. Thanks,
  3. Kingston Hyper X 2333 (c9 single sided BDBG) $65 shipped - How much is shipping to Australia and any results?
  4. no, just putting feelers out. if you have a good kit of pis I would be interested pending results.
  5. Looking to finish my DDR3 collection off. Looking for a really,really good kit of the following ICs: PSC Samsung Hynix - FOUND Posted to Brisbane,Australia EDIT: Found Hynix, looking for just one samsung and PSC kit.
  6. Sigged! As its true. I quitted then got back into it by buying 3 year old gear.. at least I finally have ivy bridge to submit..
  7. Jimba

    Micron DDR2 sellout

    would you do a deal on both 1300 Cl5 kits? if so I will take both.
  8. Hey, Looking for the following kits to finish my DDR3 collection. Gskill PIS: 2000 Cl6 2x2GB 2300 Cl8 2x2GB 2400 Cl9 2x2GB and a hynix MFR/CFR kit that does 3000mhz on air with good tight timings. Also after a external VRM board and controller. Epower +Evbot, Gpower or Asus Power card. Shipped to Australia Thanks,
  9. the OC scene needs less Douchbags and more respect and mateship in it. More live comps on the local countries would get more people into it instead of whinning. and more girls, since this is just a giant cock fest.. need to level out all that testosterone.. Great post by alva. Real Question whilst where talking about who is Douchbags in OC. Am I one?
  10. excellent thread! But where does one get Epower/Gpower/Apower? I want one..of each..
  11. You have too much stuff, that you take up the other room.
  12. Thanks for the offer, but I'm after 8gb kits as they are in my budget. So I will pass. Still looking! 2300/2400 pis or ripjawsZ 2K CL6 TridentX 2933 cl12 or 2800 cl11-13-13
  13. you got to be dreaming!!! a 8GB kit of F3-2933C12D-8GTXDG would be ideal!!
  14. wow! that is so cool! very nice! great work! I want to see more pictures!!! I love WW2 stuff
  15. Wanting to take a go at the gskill comp so I'm looking for gskill MFR, PSC and CFR. Shipped to Australia.
  16. Jimba

    Part out....

    Keen on fluke 52, any chance of a price reduction?
  17. Jimba

    Corsair GTX2 6GB

    Thank you for your offer but its not what I'm after. As I found some. Can be closed and moved. Thanks for the space hwbot!!
  18. Jimba

    Corsair GTX2 6GB

    Hi All, Looking for a really good kit of hypers. 6GB kit. Prefer GTX2, but open to others. Max price is 150 euro for GTX2 only including shipping. PM with offers.
  19. I will take the dom pot thanks. is it original model? shipping cost?
  20. Hi All, Looking for some control boards for some motherboards and the Epower VRM. 1. Asus OC panel for Asus Rampage 3 extreme. 2. EVGA ECP board for the EVGA E760 classy 3. Epower VRM board with Evbot controller. fine with version 1 or two. Shipped to Australia. thanks,
  21. hey All, looking for one of the above as my current chip is junk. please show results and voltages. dont want a delided chip. price shipped to Australia. prefer 100 euro max. Closed for now.
  22. Rewrote/updated original post to make it clearer and easier to understand.
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