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  1. I also have "Yellow" Z77 and Z87 boards if anyone interested ($50.00 each)
  2. Talking to 3 other gentlemen in regards to DDR
  3. Connoisseur special pretty much all you need when it comes to DDR3 with addition of some early released ddr4 Entire collection , 88+ modules with 2x EK copper pots for $500
  4. Added 2 motherboards and will add "some" DDR3/4 later
  5. I apologize just realized I made mistake ..this are 4870x2 https://hwbot.org/submission/3253954_coolhand411_3dmark05_2x_radeon_hd_4870x2_71487_marks
  6. @keeph8n Edited with Dewar images ,the one on the left comes with that ding dong (extractor) but I never used it ,will send you PM with Fluke info * HD 4890x2 sold only as pair Please PM me with all additional questions Thank you
  7. Selling all my gear ,here is few toys and will add more later if necessary ,shipping not included all sold as is via PP https://hwbot.org/user/coolhand411/#Hardware_Library 2x25L French Dewar's open mouth in good shape SOLD 2x 4870x2 (sold as pair $120.00) 1x 3870x2 ($30.00) 1x980Ti Lightning 6Gb SOLD 1x980Ti G1 6G1 SOLD 1xTek9 SLIM ($90) SOLD 1xTek9 FAT SOLD 1x F1 Dark in green SOLD 1x old style Gemini F1 iirc rev 0.1 ($150 with fast and slow base + extension) SOLD EVBOT ( still have a wrapper/flashed and last time was used with 1080Ti) SOLD GTX 570 ($120.00 HOT ROD ) Fluke (1x51ii, 1x52ii) All none listed video cards ($40.00) 1x GA-Z270X-Gaming SOC (ES sample -no retail box or cables will come with GC-OC Touch $100.00) 1x Rampage VI Apex SOLD Connoisseur special DDR3/4 (Entire collection , 88+ modules with 2x EK copper pots ) SOLD 1x ASRock z170 MOCF SOLD
  8. SOLD,can be closed ..Thanks
  9. http://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?username=coolhandluke41&gpuId=2821
  10. Up for grabs 1080 Ti Kingpin edition ,this card was only benched few times and is full pot capable , flashed and insulated -ready to bench .I'm to busy with real life at the moment and have to let this one go Price -800$ +shipping and paypal fees Note ;some RGB won't work since I cut off the connector (couldn't disconnect cable since it was very short ) P.S. posting here first before I take off insulation Thanks http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_3105qzsv4.jpg
  11. hey John ,replied on first page (PMed),if no go then you don't have to reply Thanks EDIT;Cheers and good luck
  12. interested in 580 L and OC panel ,PM incoming
  13. I don't think the approach you guys taking is very productive , shaming or banning someone is one thing and I understand that but this won't stop ppl from doing it ,you have the best and the brightest in tweaking why not reward them instead ,put them on the payroll and watch how your benching app improve ,Bot have been around for years and should have the best/cheat proof benches available by now ,need to level up bro's
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