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  1. Seasonic PSU Sold, Corsair AX1600i now 250+Shipping
  2. X299 DARK is sold! any offers for the PSU ?
  3. Youre from us? here in germany cheapest new price is 520 new. But for less than 275 Euros I ll rather keep it.
  4. I9 9900K is sold! Any offers for the dark or PSU ?
  5. Which windows verison did you use? With 2160 mhz I wont get close to 17000 Grafic Score. Or some other settings needed for Timespy?
  6. Psu is an Ax1600I from Corsair. Not an 1500. Comes only with the cables which are shown in the picture. Price is 325 euros. Shipping included!
  7. Price Drop!!! i9 9900k => 380 Euros! Dark => 375 Euros. PSU =>150 E. I also have a Corsair AX 1500I PSU. I will add the Pictures later!
  8. Hey guys! I have some Hardware left for sale. I would like to ship to EU, but if requested I could ship to everywhere. For Sale are: i9 9900K The CPU ist lapped and mounts perfect. (look at the Pic) I only testet once on DICE. It does 5.7 Ghz @ 1,45 Vcore in the HWBOT x265 4k Bench. Cache @ 5.3 Ghz. https://hwbot.org/submission/4270416_ Price: 450 Euros (Shipping included in EU) EVGA X299 Dark. The MB was never used for extreme oc. I only had a GPU on DICE testet on it and some aceton splashed on the IO shield. The board works perfectly fine and I have the Original Billing from Caseking. Price 400 Euros (Shipping included in EU) Seasonic Prime Platinum 1300 Watt. Psu is perfectly fine but I lost one Molex Cable... Pice 180 Euros (Shipping included in EU) I am up for offers! Dont hesitate ad just ask
  9. Thanks man! Yes the Pots will be for sale! But wait one more day. Tomorrow or maybe today evening I am going to write an aricle here in the forum about the Pot, its design and how I developed it 😎
  10. I do it only for fun. I like it to push that hardware to the limit and see how many watts its using I did bench before even knowing hwbot so medals and so dont matter to me.
  11. Hello guys, since a few of you may have a 2080ti kingpin i wanted to share with you my solution on using the card in a daily custom watecooled pc. The issue is that if you remove the original cooler and mount a vga only cooler or something like this memory wont be cooled anymore. My solution was to modify a EK WB VGA only waterblock so it fit s the gpu with the mem cooling plate on. With a CNC i milled the cooling plate of the block to 37x37mm On the sides I milled 1,5mm deep. The result looks like this: and temps are great! The only thing you need then is new mounting screws. I took some M3 with nuts.
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