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  1. I have a ID Cooling single phase change cooler full size pc case that I am selling for inexpesive. You may end up paying a few hundred to try to get these such units repaired by someone. I would say a a mininmum of 200 at least it will cost. I had my phase changer on my i9-9900k stable 5.6 all core under load with it not scrapping even close to 60 celsuis
  2. Are you needing like the total surface area of both gpu die and the hbm2 memory chips all together? also which model brand do you have cause that will dictate if your chip has the molded resin or not in which the resin makes the entire surface even unlike the unmolded version in which the hbm2 sits slightly lower than the gpu die?
  3. Im seem to not be able to post a listing on the seller portion of the marketplace. Is there anything that I have todo before hand to be to make a listing on that topic??
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