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  1. @keeph8n Discuss further in PMs
  2. I got a 4133 12-11 1.98-2.00v OCWC 2016 kit from Allen and a 4133 12-11 2.07v kit from Jesse. Tested with gb3 I also have an 8700k tested for 5.2g 1.19v (cpu-z) passing cine r20 on reasonable ambient. I'm located in the US so shipping should be inexpensive.
  3. 1300 for an unlocked 32 core that isn't an Epyc engineering sample. holy moly someone jump on this
  4. http://www.bartxstore.com/extreme/ The new pot has been released!
  5. Sparky's__Adventure

    FS: 7350K

    Put a 7740x up for sale lol
  6. Over 400cb per core without an engineering sample or helium? Absolutely ridiculous stuff, Allen.
  7. https://hwbot.org/submission/4215357_sparkys__adventure_geekbench3___multi_core_core_i5_9600k_25159_points/ Idk if it's too late but the old "rename 32 bit to 64 bit" works fine. Scores fine too.
  8. If this doesn't conflict with soccer/school/family and I can get some practice with cold before then I would be interested. Can't promise that I'm coming though.
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