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  1. Did anyone try Zen1 or Zen+ on the board yet? I just found out that at least some B550 boards are able to run older chips on pre-Zen3 bioses
  2. If you're interested in an article, just send me a pm. I see no benefit in posting replies instead.
  3. got a card with backplate and waterblock only. maybe someone has a dead card with working cooler and would sell it to me?
  4. did anyone try samsung g-die yet?
  5. Hardware is in Germany. Boards will be shipped with CPU or socket protector installed. Payment preferably with paypal friends. - X58A-OC_0; fully working; bought it bulk on ebay; used daily for a while did some ambient OC; 190 170 EUR + shipping SOLD - Maximus IX Apex; fully working; pins shorted with soldering iron to allow flashing of custom bios (first picture in this thread: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/184577-asus-maximus-ix-apex-and-coffee-lake-cpus/?tab=comments#comment-508126 ); bought used from a gamer. used it for daily and 7350K ambient OC; comes only with IO-shield, driver CD and manual; 90 + shipping SOLD - P55 Classified; fully working; no accessories; used daily and for ambient OC; 170 160 + shipping SOLD - 3 x 2 GB Dominator GT Elpida Hyper; bought on ebay, fully working. Unfortunately, i dont know enough about hypers to tell you how good they are compared to other hypers; 110 EUR + shipping SOLD - Asus Maximus III Extreme; SATA6 port missing, a small inductor in the audio portion is damaged (core is broken loose, but the thing is still holding it's own weight and seems to work), thermal throttling has to be disabled in bios because otherwise the board runs lowest multi always. I replaced thermal pads and pastes. Comes with manual and I/O-shield; 120 EUR + shipping - Asrock Z170M OC Formula; When I got it, both bios chips were upside down. Since fixing that, it works. One thermal pad of the VRM-heatsink is missing. Debug code is defective and is desoldered right now (spare part on its way); 170 EUR + shipping - X58A-OC_1; fully working; bought it bulk with the damaged pcie slot; also a few CPUs available for cheap; 150 EUR + shipping - Maximus 11 Apex_1; bought it bulk (came back from repair at asus) and used for ambient benching and mem testing. had some vaseline under the socket, but i cleaned that. always worked flawless; 190 EUR + shipping - Maximus 11 Apex_2; bought used from gamer. very good condition, looks like a new board. comes in box with all the accessories. could finish spi32 @ 2400 c12 with dancop profile, but cant produce the result reliably and didn't try for long; 250 EUR + shipping - Gskill OC 2019 RGB single rank B-die A2; bought on hwbot from alex_ro; seems to not like more than 1950mV, does 2066 c12 cr1 spi32 and did 2400 c14 cr2 spi32 with M11A_2; is very nice to work with and has no quirks i know of; trident heatspreaders are glued onto pcb on the chip side with double sided tape slightly thicker than the chips. thermal paste between heatsinks and chips, but no pressure on chips. silicone pad on non-chip side. grinded small indentations into heatsink where the rgb-leds are and covered them with electrical tape. so the heatsinks are attached to the pcb only and can be carefully removed without the danger of ripping off the chips. heating them up before is advised though. 200 EUR + shipping - i3 9350KF; does 52 without delid on air, ihs has scratches; 100 EUR + shipping - 8086K; does 52 with delid and lm on air (maybe 53 on water); bartx nickel ihs glued on, caps under ihs are protected with paint; can also delid and clean before shipping; 200 EUR + shipping
  6. Board is in Germany. Bought it used a while ago. As far as I can tell, it has never seen cold and the pins have never been bent. I used it daily for a while and benched it a few times on air. Never found something that does not work. Once got a fitting X58 Classy I/O-shield shipped for free from EVGA Germany but sold that with an X58 Classified. Really liked using it but I want to get rid of stuff and hope that someone else has some space left in a drawer and fully appreciates this board. I really don't want it to be killed by some ham-fisted ln2 bencher. I would like to avoid shipping to outside of the EU and would like to get 250 EUR shipped for it.
  7. for XPower 707208772_Z170A-XPOWER-GAMING-TI-E7968IMS.14U(2019_06_0810_40_52UTC).zip
  8. I often would like to know, how well binned a certain piece of hardware is. It would be nice if it became common to add some information about the amount of binning that was done to get hold of the chips.
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