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  1. Delta fans in push-pull on a decent water loop is what i'd consider a relatively cheap and efficient ambient solution. What radiator size to choose, depends on money, space and the parts you want to cool.
  2. Hey TaPaKaH, can you give a brief summary of your procedure to bin CPUs for good IMC? cheers
  3. Hey... don`t know if anyone is still interested in this board but i am and unfortunately http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=361 is now empty. I now only have the pictures (props for uploading them, Splave) but no text. Anyone saved the page as pdf? cheers
  4. Ok guys i found out, that i have to contribute more to the hwbot forum to be allowed to sell stuff in the marketplace. i`ll do that, but in the mean time...
  5. Sorry its my first post and i kinda just wanted to try if it'll be listed under marketplace/for_sale if i tag it as "for sale". couldn't figure out how to post it as for sale last night.
  6. also got ram, a x5675 or two 4 core cpus board alone should be about 150
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