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  1. for XPower 707208772_Z170A-XPOWER-GAMING-TI-E7968IMS.14U(2019_06_0810_40_52UTC).zip
  2. I often would like to know, how well binned a certain piece of hardware is. It would be nice if it became common to add some information about the amount of binning that was done to get hold of the chips.
  3. mach ich 🕵️‍♂️ Does anyone have an opinion or information about OCZ Platinum 3x2GB with 2000 8-9-8 @ 1.65 V
  4. Yes, when it comes to the Blades, its all about looks and rarity for me. OCZ always had great design imo and some heat sinks are high quality stuff. I.e. those ReaperX with flat heat pipes directly touching the chips. Also they have a rated speed of 1333 6-5-5 🧙‍♂️
  5. The only way to know for sure, is to remove the heat spreader and check the number, i guess.
  6. what does the X stand for? Are not all PSC created equal? 😇
  7. what kit do you have exactly?
  8. i do not necessarily plan to bench them (the really fast ones will not be for sale or affordable anyway). Just think that they are the nicest DDR3 kits out there and would like to own a dual or triple channel kit.
  9. Image is a screenshot from the MSI livestream for new B550 boards. There are no pins of the DIMM slots visible on the back of the board. Does anyone have an expert opinion on this (extra costs, benefits) ? As far as have seen, it is the only AM4 board with this feature. The Crosshair Impact and X570I Aorus do not have it.
  10. Okay. You changed my opinion. I was not aware of the extreme measures, that are used to "enhance" ambient coolers.
  11. but not ambient/not ambient edit: i don't see the point in separating ambient cooler types
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