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  1. Note : Not sure it matters but for the record cores/shaders are not unlocked , the website won't let me edit it out of the posted rseult.
  2. Hi All , I posted a reply in the comment section under the reported tab in my profile two days ago but I don't see it here ? Is that normal ? My apologies to the crew for not replying sooner ( need to check my mail more often ) I am from Newfoundland in Canada and we are known for our great sense of humor , I am short , bald and in my mid 50's. I don't cheat myself out of a good time and I have no tolerance for those who do , life's too short and what's the point of cheating ? Where is the satisfaction in not doing what you said you did ? Makes no sense to me , and that's my feeling on that. Here you go Sweet , I re-ran the benchmark as I said I would. Here's a you-tube link to 1024m @ 5353 @ 1.68 volts on water https://youtu.be/ttSwkI7h0G8 , my time is 97.686sec. I have another faster run of 97.093sec that I will submit in a few minutes in the Competition Section with video. That should take care of any doubt of what I did when I did it. Please take no offense from my commentary during the videos Sweet it's all meant in good fun buddy. Take Care Hillguy
  3. Hi All, You don't have to wait for the benchmark to start running and try to trick it. When using nvidia inspector do not apply it to the "global profile" , open the drop down select the "Time Spy Profile" change the settings and hit apply. That's it no more input required. It will open and give a valid result every time while keeping the LOD settings. All The Best Hillguy
  4. Happy Holidays to everyone
  5. The best quote I can find is $7 / L here in Newfoundland ( I thought they were pulling my leg ) but $5 in Montreal ?? I guess they were serious .. Oh well winter is coming :-)
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