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  1. I'm in over my head. I can’t finish it.
  2. It's being carried out by an all-nighter. I don't know any more what is right.
  3. A folder of the name as "ToEram" is made in a desktop. Including a super pie program. For, how is it made specifically or? Spi32m can't be downloaded from HWBOT, can it?
  4. Is this also OK folder movement?
  5. The 3rd partition could be divided.
  6. I'm sorry, I'm causing you trouble very much. It can't be understood well. Can I establish it right until introduction of XP? To carry out Super Pi. What is introduced as a procedure and by what kind of order is it carried out?
  7. Is this OK? Is(2) completion?
  8. also included Try 1200 C - D 1024? This isn't also understood well.
  9. The 2nd. The 3rd way can't be understood. Work isn't developed. A partition isn't understood in particular. A D drive exists already. Is it increased? A D drive, two partition? When can't it be operated?
  10. Thank you for your consideration.
  11. I'm not sure I understand all of your explanation. Do you boot into a system for OC with Windows 10 and then connect an SSD with Windows XP installed to use it? By the way, I am using something like the picture. I can connect the SSD externally via USB. Is this okay? And Mini tool Partition Wizard free9.1?
  12. Thanks to your help, I managed to boot XP. However, the WAZA folder, etc. does not exist. What should I do now?
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