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  1. It was set as ln2mode today, I think is high. Don't I have to drop some voltage?
  2. The one with the bad score of R0 stepping? I knew for the first time.
  3. The one with the bad score of R0 stepping? Will there be also no room of improvement from now on?
  4. PiFast is also the same situation. Is 8 the influence by which this is also R0 stepping?
  5. It's wPrime in the bench Mate to the end, but under 4 core restriction and the 5.5G restriction? The 8700K, that the score is better than 9900K? The-> time when the score is good is short. Only my problem?
  6. Use method of AKURONISU, it can be understood, without, the introduction by which I'm WindowsXP, it isn't done yet. The introduction which are E - RAM and a waza folder even if it can be introduced, is also the unknown world.
  7. Why is the score of 9900KS lower than the score of 8700K? Is there a problem just for me? It ’s inside the benchmate.
  8. ベンチメイトを使用するとスコアが下がる
  9. How will everyone carry out PiFast? 、、、 how many times didn't which also reach the previous score any more even if I tried The one OS also installed cleanly is being tried.
  10. What is being talked about? It isn't understood at all.
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