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  1. What is being talked about? It isn't understood at all.
  2. Everyone Hello I'm studying over clock of a memory in AMD Ryzen at present. I can see the information by which Intel is over clock guides much relatively. When it'll be overclocking of a memory of Ryzen, information isn't found easily. It may be as much as I can't find it simply, but 、、、. I think when good explanation is somewhere. I'm a beginner, so it is, isn't it?
  3. Excuse me, but I'd like to quit making a topic newly, so let me question here, please. Is it necessary to change the numerical value of Precision Boost Overdrive by a ROG motherboard? It seems locked by some fixed voltage. impact I'm using?
  4. Everyone, hello. Super π is the matter of a title for example finds optimization Windows xp is most efficient and to be also necessary in Windows10 use time even if it's here. The internet gives priority to a performance by the system setting of being invalid and would like to ask you to tell me what kind of measure experienced superiors are taking by outside in the area which can be done. Let me consult by all means, please. Thank you.
  5. Everyone Hello. I'll ask you about a title. If there is an answer by other topics already, please permit. I possess the memory by which the DRAM voltage shows the performance beyond 2.0v by the Intel environment. I'd like also to experiment on the RYZEN environment, so I'd like to change it to LN2 mode. In Intel, DMI Voltage Core PLL Voltage I adjust PLL Termination Voltage to about 1.1 and make the CPU temperature fall, and it's being used by a AIO cooling system, but please also tell whether I can adjust which part at the time of LN2 mode application by this mother and also use the CPU temperature by a AIO cooling system. Thank you.
  6. Hello BIOS for latest OC in Z390 GINE. Please tell me the person who knows. Thank you.
  7. Batch size is the reduction tendency. The good way?
  8. Mr. Leeghoofd Thank you very much for your information.
  9. allocated device memory? Is the adjustment effective including an adjustment of bacth size? A way?
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