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  1. Fix the CPU frequency at 4G or 5G with Geekbench 3 etc.I want you to hold a competitionEven if you don't have a good CPUYou do n’t have to spend a lot on the CPU
  2. For example, I think that it is not fair for people who are connected to ROG ambassadors and memory module manufacturers to participate in classes other than LN2 and Extreme classes. It is a personal opinion, but ...
  3. The temperature does not exceed 90 degrees
  4. 5.3GHZ is impossible in my environmentCPU voltage up to 5.2GHZ is possible with 1.45V level, but beyond thatIt becomes impossible even if the voltage is increased to 1.6V.This is the same for both 8700K and 9900KIs my setting bad or is it basically lacking power capacity?Configuration is M / B XI GENE VGA RTX1060 PSU 850WLLC canceled level 8 C stateCPU temperature stays below 90 degrees in Core TempPlease advice
  5. Excuse me, where can I get OC PACK?This is like a broken linkI use XI GENE
  6. FireKillerGR I'm sorry but I'm a beginner so I can't handle it even if only the file is passed
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