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  1. Everyone Hello Which will the latest MOD BIOS of this motherboard be? I'd like to use Windows xp and carry out SUPERPI.
  2. At the time of overclocking which is a memory mainly. I face this problem. The amount of consumption which is a memory beforehand, for about 2500. It's being squeezed, but 态态态. Would there be other good measures?
  3. Everyone Hello. I get Z270 APEX finally, please. This MOD work was put into effect. But unfortunately a BIOS flashback doesn't operate effectively. Even if USB is added to a port of designation, and a horizontal piece of timber buttons up designation, and it's done, it's impassive. A motherboard is normally turned on. It doesn't react to a start button. Is this because two points of solder work is incomplete?
  4. Is creative.rom OK? I don't know whether creative.ROM is OK. Even where isn't there a trouble for change of the name?
  5. MaxxMem Read Bandwidth can understand. The score of marks can't be understood. When what doing do, is the score raised? Even if an effort is made, it's about 800marks.
  6. Fix the CPU frequency at 4G or 5G with Geekbench 3 etc.I want you to hold a competitionEven if you don't have a good CPUYou do nā€™t have to spend a lot on the CPU
  7. For example, I think that it is not fair for people who are connected to ROG ambassadors and memory module manufacturers to participate in classes other than LN2 and Extreme classes. It is a personal opinion, but ...
  8. The temperature does not exceed 90 degrees
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