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  1. I made the changes as you instructed, but it won't start.
  2. 私の症状は、XMPが適用されていないことです。 BIOSは1.27H
  3. In normal mode. After two voltage settings Do you mean to change the LN2 jumper?
  4. I switched the LN2 mode jumper. BIOS won't boot, code 18 or 20. Clearing the CMOS doesn't help. Is there any way to fix this? I put the jumper back in and it boots.
  5. It may be incompatible with GALAX HOF4CXL3BST4000M19SF162CL
  6. That is a great challenge for me, but I want to go through with it.
  7. It was so expensive that I couldn't afford it.
  8. Windows7の導入方法が分からない 毎回悩む
  9. What is the optimal LLC value when running Superpi 32M? I'm running on 4. .. ..
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