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  1. Everyone, hello. While my score is calculation for some reason, the time moves slightly. When thinking a change in about 14 seconds, it's of more than 20 seconds. When the passage other persons are calculating is seen, there is no blurring, but 、、、. Are there any fatal problems? Please take care above.
  2. I question, too. Would you like a0 for a memory? Would you like a2? I always worry.
  3. WindowsXPはもう 使用不可能にすればいい
  4. Is the environment that a bench Mate is required effective?
  5. Hello I'd like to install Windows XP in Z490 apex. XP where a start is possible by Z390 in hand at present is possessed. When changing something, can it also be applied to Z490 apex? Wouldn't you tell me conversantly conversantly? The explanation ends on the way each time, so 、、、. I'd like to carry out super π in Z490 apex. I'm in trouble about execution by the explanation only of the installation from which a file is removed. Please tell by all means by all means.
  6. GTI-R

    i7 8086K

    8700K is possessed
  7. GTI-R

    i7 8086K

    Hello I buy 8086K, it's a request. Thank you. Shipping off is needed Japan.
  8. nLite isn't understood at all. I don't have enough explanations. At this rate a beginner can't raise a step.
  9. Is it also better to introduce an update SP after 1 into Windows7?
  10. Windows 7 can be installed on Z390 APEX and GINE without any problem If you try to install SP1 on Z490 APEX with the same procedure, you will get an error! Does anyone have a similar problem?
  11. Thank you for the information I'm trying hard to understand I don't understand the meaning because of translation problems. What and how do you proceed? Can't understand
  12. Everyone Hello. When I made a new system each time. There is a problem of facing it. The problem is OS. Windows10 is just no problem. Introduction of Windows7 and XP. How does everyone supply, and be introduced? I apply the throat which are the current state and a beta version, but SP1 is by something of non-application for the beta version in hand. Installation to Z490 APEX is the situation that it isn't possible. Existence appointment
  13. Excuse me Which USB driver for 7? I'm having trouble applying SP1 of 7 more I don't know which patch is the countermeasure
  14. Windows 7のUSBドライバーリンクを開けない
  15. The CPU I'm using is 8700K OS is Windows 7
  16. After installing opencl_runtime_18.1_x64_setup BenchMate GPU-PI will not boot Does not start even if uninstalled CPU is 8700K
  17. Intel® CPU Runtime for OpenCL™ Applications for Windows* OS Is this good?
  18. I am knowing it for the first time I am using 8700K Where to download?
  19. I don't know how to use GPUPI for CPU-1B CPU cannot be selected
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