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    I'm selling it each time to buy a new model. I don't have any old models on hand.
  2. Let me ask you, professionals. If the memory timing is set in the BIOS and the OS boots successfully Is it possible that the DRAM is corrupted if the pi doesn't run at all? Normally, I think it's various voltage adjustments, but... I'm confused because pi won't run at all with the same settings. I didn't keep the voltage data at the time, which was stupid of me. I'm lost in the maze now.
  3. Are you saying that could be the reason why the pi is not running?
  4. I envy you all. I regret that I don't own a Corsair DRAM.
  5. I'm sorry. I don't understand what you're talking about.
  6. GTI-R


    However, if the cost of parts gets any higher, the As a privateer, I may not be able to overclock as a hobby anymore. Video card prices are also rising. Times are tough.
  7. But if you think about it, if the next Intel 12th generation can only use DDR5 I don't see the point.
  8. Japan. How can I use PayPal? I have no experience with personal transactions. I think it's about 28.206 yen plus shipping and paypal fees.
  9. It's the same as your previous advice, right?
  10. GTI-R


    But still, only DDR5 can be selected? Is it possible to support DDR4 as well? It's tough not to be able to utilize your existing assets.
  11. I can't even put it in LN2 mode. ASUS, I want my money back!!!!
  12. Is there any more BIOS that improves the behavior of Super pi?
  13. Hello, everyone. Will the Intel12 generation definitely have DDR5 DRAM? Also, what is the expected price range? Of course there will be differences by region.
  14. It's going to be replaced by DDR5, isn't it?
  15. The voltage you're referring to is iom 1.35V SA 1.4V. When the first timing is loose, right? Like the 14-215-15-34-1N? Super pi results are not good at this timing, right?
  16. It's a wonder I can't recreate the setting at this time. Is it the temperature, or, is it the voltage?
  17. Thanks for the advice. But now I can't even boot the BIOS. OS is also questionable (Windows 7) I'm trying to avoid clearing CMOS if possible. MAXMEM is 2500, should I lower it? IO1.6 I tried SA1.65, but it didn't work. Maybe the timing is too tight.
  18. The OS is booting. But the pi stops after about 3 loops. io mem is 1.65v I've increased SA to about 1.68v.
  19. Difficult to set dual rank. Unable to complete pi Need to increase normal IO voltage as well?
  20. I'm also using 11600KF I haven't overclocked it yet, but does it have any less features than other CPUs?
  21. Everyone. I still haven't solved my LN2 problem. And the BIOS for the super pi is Is 0070 still the best BIOS for super pi?
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