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  1. In normal mode, change the PLL Term to 1.05v and the CPU Standby to 1.05v. Save and Exit I can't get into the bios after this reboot.
  2. I'm currently challenging a 32GB dual rank, but I'm struggling to even boot at 3600mhz! I can't adjust the third timing. It's hard.
  3. I am using Windows 7. I would like to know the optimization at super pi runtime.
  4. VCCIO mem voltage is 1.45V It's possible that 1.45V is not enough.
  5. You can just reduce the maximum memory value from msconfig.
  6. まいったなこりゃ(´;ω;`)ウゥゥ
  7. I made the changes as you instructed, but it won't start.
  8. 私の症状は、XMPが適用されていないことです。 BIOSは1.27H
  9. It may be incompatible with GALAX HOF4CXL3BST4000M19SF162CL
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