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  1. That is a great challenge for me, but I want to go through with it.
  2. It was so expensive that I couldn't afford it.
  3. What is the optimal LLC value when running Superpi 32M? I'm running on 4. .. ..
  4. Superpi 32M Intel Low Clock Challenge I'd like to register with ... Haven't you fixed 11600KF yet?
  5. PLL Termination Voltage DMI Voltage CorePLL Voltage Should I just set these low?
  6. The specific way to actually raise the cache is Do you mean to raise the CPU voltage?
  7. Hello Which item is the cache voltage adjustment? It seems impossible if 46 or more is auto
  8. Windowsのなにを削除すれば良いかが分かりません
  9. I'm worried because I haven't used anything other than ASUS. I'm interested, but ...
  10. Good performance at a low price What do you think?
  11. Can Superpi fight? It's expected to mount 11600KF.
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