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  1. @I.nfraR.ed We look forward to your reply.
  2. For the time being, boot with 6 cores at about 4.5G / 1.25V on the BIOS and search for an excellent core with TurboV on the OS? Can TurboV adjust the clock and voltage by limiting the core?
  3. Thank you for the easy-to-understand explanation I would like to try it immediately By the way, what do you mean by unnecessary devices in the BIOS?
  4. When trying to raise the Cache to 50 Which voltage adjustment do you need? Before M12A, CPU: 50 Cache: 50 could be easily raised only by the CPU voltage, but this time it cannot be done.
  5. Is it not possible to turn off Core Performance Boost and Precision Boost Overdrive?
  6. After all PBO setting is necessary I was told that it doesn't matter in this topic, so ...
  7. I am currently Superpi 32M Intel Low Clock Challenge Superpi 32M AMD Zen Low Clock Challenge I am participating in these two competitions I created an OS suitable for these Windows XP for Z590 Windows 10 for Z570 (created by @Sparky's__Adventure) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K3JPyAe-3ki2rUTTvCo-38b-BgNMZC8b/view?usp=sharing I want to ask a professional Please advise.
  8. Currently LLC is set to 3 Is it possible to rotate 5G at 1.45v?
  9. Sparky's __ Adventure I don't know how to install Windows 10
  10. I'm 1: 1 Can't turn up to 3200 I'm wondering if it's my technique or an individual Mem I want more information
  11. I will report M13A.CAP → ✖ M13A → 〇 I was able to flash back safely at 0070 I am so grateful for you
  12. I say it many times M13A.CAP is running correctly Asus official website BIOS uses the included conversion file Only M13A, but ...
  13. I'm doing exactly what you say I'm stuck in the USB port of the LAN port But the button freezes instead of blinking
  14. Whether to install Hwinfo64 standalone. What is
  15. I tried BIOS flashback with M13A.CAP in the BIOS Could not be executed The BIOS used is SUPER PI (APEX 0070 BIOS) in the forum.
  16. What is a hwinfo error? It's hard to submit the result
  17. I get an error like this Have you taken measures? The composition is CPU: 11600KF Z590 APEX Windows 10
  18. I have been suffering from this symptom for some time 11600KF for APEX Not overclocked I was turning it for a trial
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