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  1. Oculus Touch adds another dimension for sure, literally too, I don't have enough space to play most the touch games. VR is dangerous and won't to only do it in small doses, otherwise risk got get lost and never go outside again if you don't find any of the games mind blowing, just means you haven't tried the right one yet
  2. http://hwbot.org/submission/638461_k1ngl0max_pcmark05_core_2_duo_t7200_3498_marks seriously? :-/ can please somebody remove the "insufficient verification" state and reinstate the score, it was reported out of spite by somebody, no other explanation for this. a measly 0.1 hw points; for a benchmark run on a out of the box stock Dell laptop pretty darn sure I included a screenshot it that submission, I always include screenshots and verification in my submissions since before hwbot site started. not a nice way to treat the oldest contributors: - site loses attachments during recode/move n° 1001 - my submission gets blocked
  3. Hey PJ You went for Vive? I got Oculus DK2 few years back and Oculus CV1 last year, today I got the Touch controllers. none touch best experience so far is Assetto Corsa, Nurburgring in a Porsche GT3 - Custom Cup Seat - Thrusmaster T500 RS wheel - Thrustmaster Gear stick - ButtKick Sim attached to bottom of chair: rumble baby! Hands in game align correctly with real hands on wheel, so immersion is top
  4. jmke

    Ex Tee You!

    outside of HWbot, XTU is not really known; maybe it would be a good idea to write a few guest articles here and there detailing it, what it does, how to take advantage of it; for beginners, overclockers as well as none-OCers (as in, just upload a safe profile and go!)
  5. good to see the new profile is shaping up as proposed in the past :-)
  6. ha. nothing more to add
  7. 3 outcomes for "standing up for his stuff" - thieves run away. you remain unharmed. - thieves kick/kill his ass, take his stuff. you get hurt - thieves are not there for stuff, they want to kill. measly sword won't do no good. you get hurt 3 outcomes for "being a pussy" - thieves take stuff run away. you remain unharmed. - thieves are not there for stuff, they want to kill, you run & hide with success. you remain unharmed. - thieves are not there for stuff, they want to kill, you run & hide without success. you get hurt stats speak for themselves. only if you swap that sword with a gun you can seriously sway the outcome of the conflict in your favor, if you don't your sister in the process. but hey; to each his/her own. if your stuff is more important than your well being and that of your family members.... forums were not used much in 2007 it seems
  8. dumbass move of the kit, two guys enter, he has to think about his life and that of his sister. if he stays calm and hides, worse that can happen is a stolen PS3 and some other material things; if he acts dumb, like with a sword, the guys might change their plans. either they run away and come back another time when he's not prepared; or draw a weapon and shoot him and his sister. turning a simple "theft" into a double murder. genius. full marks for being dumb. either take out the burglars right away,(gun/baseballbat); and call the cops; or run & hide. chasing them away won't do any good. if they have a "nothing to lose" attitude, they might end up causing serious damage, and not talking about material damage here.
  9. this also has been on the radio for the last few months unbelievably funny
  10. verification image went missing in action during the 1001 moves from beta -> HWbot v1 until V4 now. It's done with Phase Change cooling, more info here: http://www.madshrimps.be/articles/article/282/asetek-VapoChill-XE-II-Review/3#axzz1FNEEXlMV CPU-Z stable at 3ghz
  11. I really like HWBOT because... it's the reason people buy "overclocking" versions of hardware.
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