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  1. Bump - No-one looking to sell their good Kaby Lake chips? Pref 6.7 GHz + Cine R15 etc
  2. As the title suggests, looking for a good i7-7700K CPU and either a Z170 MOCF or Z270 Apex, not too bothered about insulated or not. Let me know what you have please Also potentially looking for a good i3-7350K too
  3. 99% sure I'll be there, probably in a spectator capacity though...unless I can sort some suitable boards in time!
  4. bump, any sensible offers on the board?
  5. Also will take £300 inc shipping for the X299 Rampage VI Apex board
  6. I haven't actually pushed it in all honesty, was used for some VGA benching on water (4.5GHz). It's been sat in the box most of its life. I de-lidded it personally
  7. Replied, not interested in splitting, sorry Will take £750 inc shipping to UK with worldwide shipping splitting the shipping cost with my 7900X (de-lidded) PM if interested
  8. Forgot to say, I'm open to reasonable and sensible offers
  9. Hey all, currently selling my RAMPAGE VI APEX as it's only sitting in a daily driver and it seems pointless having such an amazing OC board stuck inside a case. It's been running at virtually stock it's life, never been abused, never seen sub-zero and never been insulated. I'm taking it out and boxing it up today, also have a 7900X so if interested in a bundle deal, just PM me Looking for £300+ shipping
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