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  1. Bump - No-one looking to sell their good Kaby Lake chips? Pref 6.7 GHz + Cine R15 etc
  2. As the title suggests, looking for a good i7-7700K CPU and either a Z170 MOCF or Z270 Apex, not too bothered about insulated or not. Let me know what you have please Also potentially looking for a good i3-7350K too
  3. 99% sure I'll be there, probably in a spectator capacity though...unless I can sort some suitable boards in time!
  4. bump, any sensible offers on the board?
  5. Also will take £300 inc shipping for the X299 Rampage VI Apex board
  6. I haven't actually pushed it in all honesty, was used for some VGA benching on water (4.5GHz). It's been sat in the box most of its life. I de-lidded it personally
  7. Replied, not interested in splitting, sorry Will take £750 inc shipping to UK with worldwide shipping splitting the shipping cost with my 7900X (de-lidded) PM if interested
  8. Forgot to say, I'm open to reasonable and sensible offers
  9. Hey all, currently selling my RAMPAGE VI APEX as it's only sitting in a daily driver and it seems pointless having such an amazing OC board stuck inside a case. It's been running at virtually stock it's life, never been abused, never seen sub-zero and never been insulated. I'm taking it out and boxing it up today, also have a 7900X so if interested in a bundle deal, just PM me Looking for £300+ shipping
  10. Bump, still looking for a Z170 MOCF
  11. gavbon

    Asus ix apex

    Everything ok in the socket/slots? What's it insulated with? What price including shipping to the UK? Kind Regards
  12. Hey all Having a little clear-out of hardware I need, perks of being paid quarterly, but having to pay rent monthly! Prices don't include postage, happy to ship anywhere worldwide, but I won't responsible for customs charges if any get applied by customs. All items are 100% working and fully tested before boxing up. 1. MSI GTX 780 Lightning 3GB https://imgur.com/oLFcvn6 https://imgur.com/1mP4svU Bought to use under sub-zero, has been made ready for this (not insulated), but didn't get round to getting it cold due to the lack of a GPU pot. Awesome card and worth lots of HW points. 2. ASUS GTX 580 MATRIX 1.5GB https://imgur.com/LQY5GsN https://imgur.com/jzvhX7O Awesome GTX 580 and one of the best models for overclocking. Same situation as above, works 100%, just hasn't been tested under cold! 3. ZOTAC GTX 260 896MB 4. Sapphire HD 3870 TOXIC 512MB 5. Sapphire HD 4870 512MB 6. ASUS HD 6950 Direct CUII 1GB https://imgur.com/mDVAQ8y https://imgur.com/4l8ausG Items 3 to 6 were purchased with the intention of benching them in legacy benchmarks, but have only so far tested them to make sure they are working, then put back in the box. All cards are 100% working. If someone buys them all as a bundle, I will throw in a pair of 8800GTS cards and a 9800GT Prices: 1. £120 + postage 2. £80 + postage 3. £30 + postage 4. £25 + postage 5. £25 + postage 6. £45 + postage Bundle deal for 3-6 = £105 + postage Bundle deal for ALL the graphics cards = £270 + postage including 2 x 8800GTS & 9800GT included for free
  13. You thought the Cinebench image manipulation was a "tweak" Give over Rauf , it's 100% a cheat
  14. I do agree with you Issue is, how many times can you draw a line in something and move forward before anything actually gets sorted?....until the next time
  15. My 2p While I agree with Websmile on the issue of the Cinebench scandal being different to this current one, there is no dispute that $@39@ flouted the rules and essentially cheated - Absolutely no disputing that. But I still feel deep inside of me that, because it's been found so quickly (the exploit) and he seems to be a lone wolf at current, it's easier to ban him than 15+ top benchers who manipulated benchmark files in Cinebench for an advantage. What pains me so much - It's not that the render image was changed in the first place, but by how much to get such little gains to make it look like strong efficiency which some actually called it "tweaking". Christian Ney proved that by editing enough, it could prove massive yields, but if this was ALLOWED, why wouldn't the culprits do that instead of only doing it enough so it was hardly noticable? That IMO is just as bad, if not worse than $@39@ - The sooner people stop pretending this, the better we can ALL move on from all of this crap. P.S - I say this with the utmost respect, but there has been cases where big names have been let off from any consequences from breaking rules (through apparent ignorance) because of who they are. I would put money on if $@39@ was to have done the same thing on Cinebench and was the first, he would have also been banned for it. Oh and I don't have Elite envy, I have access to ES samples of latest chips myself (I should technically be elite), but I honestly believe in an open playing field and you can't have a level playing field when cheaters (however hard it is to side sweep the issue) remain on HWBot, but others get openly banned because it's much easier in one instance to do so
  16. Banning him so quickly is a little disturbing, especially since some of the people crying were blatantly modifying Cinebench to their own gain...
  17. As the title suggests, I'm looking a ASRock Z170M OCF (Pref not destroyed, must be 100% fully working, insulated doesn't bother me!) Shipping to UK please Kind Regards
  18. Still have the CPU? Lowest price shipped to UK?
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