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  1. Yes i still have the same issues when trying to sub any scores
  2. Thanks Zero, i had given them a quick flick through but will have another look tonight.
  3. Thanks Alex@ro i will have a read tonight and see how mine go. Cheers FqqTBawL
  4. I was trying to improve my benching focusing on SPi32, trying different speeds etc and im not sure which way to go timings wise, but I haven't found any results to compare with anywhere for this version either and everyone always talks about Samsung, Hynix, PSC and D9 etc but no one knows about the new Micron stuff, that's why i thought i would ask here, where there is much experience and great knowledge :-)
  5. Hi Sam, thanks for the reply, they are v3.24 according to the sticker 2x4G kit 2133 9-11-11 1.65v Vengeance Pro.
  6. Hi all, Bargin basement overclocker here. I bought a set of Corsair Vengance Pro 2133 C9 and according to the Corsair serial number list they contain Micron IC's. My initial testing as seen 2600 9-11-11 1.75v but not 32m stable and into windows at 2666 9-11-11 1.85v or 2666 10-14-14 at 1.65v. Wondering if anybody else has played with these new Micron IC's and how they went. Cheers FqqTBawL
  7. Hi, Sorry to bother. I can not seem to get this working? I keep getting an application error "memory could not be read" as per the attached picture. Asrock A88x Extreme 6+ and A8-6600k windows 7 32 Got it working, fresh install windows...
  8. VALIDATION REQUIREMENTS Use 1 videocard core(s) in total. But scores posted with 3x680 etc. Is it 1 gpu or unlimited gpu's??
  9. Hi i tried to submit a score using a GEFORCE GT 420 card and it seems its not in the database. Here is my gpu-z link for the card. http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/zyu75/ Thanks Guys
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