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  1. don't mind 0+0 he has a particular sense of humour that very few people understand.
  2. I'm fairly certain we agreed it was a different card, but for the life of me I can't find the card listed..... @Strunkenbold Any ideas?
  3. Well we at least need some sort of clean up on the results already on the system if we are to eventually give the benchmark points again. So making it a seperate benchmark at least is the easiest and cleanest way of doing it imho.
  4. Can I suggest we reopen the upload page for HWBot prime as a seperate v 1.0+ benchmark and have it as a finite beta period. After which time all results are removed the database. This would allow for people to run the benchmark and for us to upload results to better find bugs and abnormalities. Also being clear up front that all results from the beta period will be cleared means we won't have any potentially bugged runs in the database after such time is over and people can't complain when the results are removed. Just my 2c anyway
  5. Compatibility mode makes absolutely no difference to the timing issue, so unfortunately no you can't run it with compatibility mode :(
  6. Reference clock is based off the motherboard socket and all CPU benchmarks are based off the CPUs intended socket. As simple as that
  7. No the L3014 counts as a 771 CPU as it's based off the socket of the CPU itself
  8. Garrrhh Leeg you still didn't answer the question though, I understand we can only use one socket once, but is socket determined by the CPU itself or the motherboard itself for the reference frequency stage only. All others are really clear because they are either CPU or VGA benchmark. Reference is a motherboard benchmark and I trying to determine if we are basing it off motherboard or CPU
  9. It's not a case of it being confusing to me, I literally couldn't give 2 about whether it was motherboard or CPU it's based off, only that I got an official answer as it would determine what I'll be benching.
  10. Nope because that's totally unrelated because it's refering to a CPU benchmark and not a motherboard benchmark
  11. But this is my point and where both myself and others get confused. The reference frequency is a motherboard category, so in essence surely it should be defined by what socket the motherboard is and not the CPU used? I really don't mind which way the competition is formatted, only that I get an official ruling on it as it will determine what board I need to run etc.
  12. What about using a sempron 150 for AM2+ through to AM3+ for the ref clock? I didn't get a clarification on this
  13. As above, get to testing different GTL levels, ram timings, performance levels and straps etc to find what effect it has on your board. This will be a chipset issue and not a ram one. Good luck
  14. There's not that much left though Don't forget too that it's almost impossible to run good memory speeds with an L3014, the boards just don't like it, hence Luumi was only running single channel memory for his runs.
  15. No it's a very fair point. When I made my initial statement I forgot that this wasn't run at max multiplier, so there is a lot more wiggle room. Maybe I should get out my AM3 boards and get some testing done too. But for sure first things first is to maximize what I already have
  16. You can still get around 3500 with an L3014 if you maximise everything. This for sure isn't game over for the Xeon It's also almost impossible to get much faster than this with a Sempron on DDR3 because of the IMC limitations. All the same I'm really glad someone managed to get this fast with a Sempron, it for sure makes the game really intersting. I'm looking forward to the battle
  17. Sorry if this was answered but I couldn't see a definitive answer. For the motherboard frequency stage we are ranking by what socket the motherboard is right and not the CPU used? Reason I ask is for the AMD issue with 2+ through to 3+. I believe it should be motherboards socket but am fine with either.
  18. No it's the correct screenshot, as said we've worked off a 5% difference in past competitions so this is more than acceptable :)
  19. We don't really touch DimasTech items anymore
  20. The 8F bios should work really, are you 100% sure that the CPU itself isn't dead?
  21. I'm pretty sure Luumi will be back with something very soon, if not a sandbag then a fresh result for sure
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