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  1. I saw literally as it was posted, took me three mins to find my phone to check funds
  2. I'll take Send me PM to discuss payment
  3. DX12 bench would be interesting, as good an excuse as any to learn it
  4. No you're gunna have a standoff for second place, first is pretty much already guaranteed to be the UK's
  5. I have been doing a lot of benching behind the scenes, watch this space
  6. ^^ This, I thought this was a given if ES hardware isn't allowed.
  7. It's a complete POS board, is terrible for maximising CPU's on cold, for some reason it limited me be nearly 800MHz max clock (FX-8350) on both boards I tested compared to a CHV.
  8. I thought that might be the case but I thought I would ask the question just in case.
  9. Was just thinking about this, on the old forum you could click on a link in the result discussion page and it would take you to the actual result page. Is it possible to have this added again or if this is already a thing can someone point out to me where it is as I don't see it Going to the bot and manually searching for it is a bit of a pain...
  10. Bump and OP updated slightly, will be adding more to the listing this weekend as I have more time off.
  11. Hey dude, how does the 2700 clock and is it still available?
  12. This should be the same controller, good luck! https://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data Sheets/International Rectifier PDFs/CHL8225G_8G_V1.12_6-21-13.pdf
  13. Custom water cooling solution, just for the PWM for number 3 👍
  14. This has been asnwered before, you have to use the Athlons.
  15. Pop the cooler off and check if it's actually a GF106 under there
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