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  1. please put a picture of the actual rig in otherwise you could have the points taken away from you
  2. Awesome score man, I'm a bit of a PCMark noob but aren't i right in saying that with more drives in raid you would of had first???
  3. Am i right in thinking that a higher FSB could get this score even higher???
  4. Really, really good score there, beaten a 3 Year old record, congrats!!!! Are there any cold boot issues with these chips???
  5. Saw a bulldozer cpu used for the Vision part of the competition, is that correct????
  6. Are you allowed to use Bulldozer CPU's for this??? I thought it would just be LLano CPU's
  7. Can't believe your bench stable score is the same as your CPU-Z score, awesome job bro.
  8. Cheers dude, couldn't be bothered searching through the forums to see if it was a known issue so i just made a new thread, i'm far too tired for any sort of searching at this time of night
  9. Hi i'm getting a problem where i can't select what type of memory i have used in a certain test, it just comes up as blank whenever i select a memory type. This wouldn't normally be a problem for me but i'm trying to upload a memory frequency score so i kinda need this option working again. Cheers guys.
  10. Is there a lot of difference between the NF7 and the NF7-S ? I have the first lying around somewhere
  11. Just realized i submitted the wrong score, will fix this today
  12. OMFG i can't believe i've never thought to run the 960t with 5 cores, i wish i still had one for testing now, feel like a right twerp. :L
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