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  1. ZOMG awesome chip congrats on 8.3ghz
  2. can't quite put my finger on it but something seems wrong
  3. the score looks like 16,33.021 if it is then put 993.021 as your score!
  4. use micro xp, would have got close to >3s then!!
  5. would love to see that i5 under ln2 + great score!
  6. i think i would wanna cry if i got that close to the record!
  7. nice, for the future you will need to put a pic of cpu-z, gpu-z and all that shizzle in with your 3dmark score, but yeah great result
  8. lol won't last long cus someone beat it on the same day, tbf that's just major gutted!
  9. congrats man that is a awesome chip!
  10. wow seriously that's awsome on stock but what happened to the core voltage?
  11. core voltage? also what really stock cooling?
  12. ObscureParadox

    Wrong score uploaded

    i accedently uploaded the wrong score onto hwbot now it has affected the top ten leaderboard, anyway i can delete the score? p.s. i'm new to hwbot too