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  1. ObscureParadox

    Submission not ranked

    Have you tried recalculating the submission?
  2. ObscureParadox

    No points are added, no awards are activated.

    Use the following links to see which CPU and GPU benchmarks give points. The ones you listed do not give any points. https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/processor https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/videocard
  3. ObscureParadox

    CPU-Z need help

    yes but if you're doing CPU-Z validations that's no good to anyone
  4. ObscureParadox

    CPU-Z need help

    I wasn't able to find a fix myself, might be worth asking the CPU-Z developers themselves to try and find a fix for the issue.
  5. May I propose you open your f**king eyes and take a look at the rules you f**king muppet
  6. Does the costa coffee cup add some beans to the system?
  7. ObscureParadox

    Xeon usage in Challenger Intel legacy Round

    There are only up to 6 cores on xeon, but we need to make sure we state 1 socket only so that dual socket 1366 boards are not allowed, that would be a competition breaker.
  8. everyone has the team to do it, just need the willing, 32M is a benchmark that takes a lot of learning of tweaks, ram timings etc. Take a look at this starter guide https://www.overclock.net/forum/282-overclock-net-hwbot-team/1249432-super-pi-32m-tweaking-guide.html
  9. Very nice! I smell a new challenge that I want to try :D
  10. ObscureParadox

    X48 Ram Advice

    I am really not sure what I'm missing here, basically I can get up to 600FSB and use any ram setting I want with full stability, anything after that an I need to turn ram speeds right down to have the slightest bit of stability. Now I am probably forgetting something basic here but I've seen guys with 700FSB screenshots and over 2K ram clocks. Just a pointer really at what setting I could possibly be missing or forgetting would be really appreciated.
  11. ObscureParadox

    Xeon usage in Challenger Intel legacy Round

    I think as a general rule of thumb, xeons should be allowed in most legacy comps due to their low price which keeps more in the spirit of what the comps are about. That and the fact there is no real advantage to be had by getting a xeon over a regular mainstream part.
  12. Nicely done! Welcome to the 8GHz club!! :D
  13. ObscureParadox

    WTB: Highend DDR ram and AGP video card.

    I got a kit of 500MHz that I'd be happy to send you for postage costs honestly. Though it might be cheaper to find something locally due to the low value of the item.
  14. ObscureParadox

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    Good point, I'll do a test on the 3DMarks over the next couple of days with different CPU and GPU speeds etc and post the graphs for others to see
  15. ObscureParadox

    [FS] 50L dewar

    I'll take the Vishera
  16. ObscureParadox

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    @richba5tard Hey rich, looks like the competition points are getting doubled for our seasonal ranking, is this by design or a bug? Ty.
  17. ObscureParadox

    FS (worldwide): ga-ep45t-extreme

  18. ObscureParadox

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    Radeon 5450 is old but easily accessable and very cheap. It's also heaps of fun to overclock once you get some volt mods on it, those things absolutely fly.
  19. Woah the return of Jabski? You came back quicker than Jesus did anyway
  20. Now you just need Carlos or the likes to come back to repair your board
  21. ObscureParadox

    9900k's ln2 binned 2 left

    We should be selling in euros instead for when our stock market crashes in a few months time
  22. ObscureParadox

    Set of timings for DDR3 Elpida Hyper

    I probably wouldn't advise running hypers at that kinda voltage for too long, it's not going to do the longevity of them any good.
  23. ObscureParadox

    Hazzan - A10-6800K @ 7269MHz - 10min 23sec 0ms SuperPi - 32M

    yeah please stop, the minor details such as accidently seleting liquid helium vs liquid nitrogen are not important in the slightest