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  1. I mean hell, even Deneb and Propus is fine realistically for wPrime. I'm not asking for it to be changed now because it makes no difference one way or another to myself, but so long as you're not using Thuban you don't really have an advantage with Deneb vs Propus
  2. I need to know your source that allows you to get 8 kits for $20....... Try 7-7-6-20 @1.65v 32M stability and work from there
  3. Urgh mah gurd Alby, why we letting in these GPUs..... Jokes jokes, but I do agree it's probably for the best
  4. CPU will probably change name to something weird because it;s the same process as unlocking cores. But proposal seems fair. Just thought I'd bring it up since I noticed it when looking through my tray of chips
  5. @Leeghoofd I'm going to be shooting myself in the foot here, but on the Deneb stage, as it stands the Phenom II X4 800's are currently listed as Deneb on the HWBot database when in reality they're actually Propus cores. Can I suggest removing them from the stage if possible. I don't think anyone has submitted with one yet but that's the only 4core Phenom CPU I currently own which is why I went to double check on here. is it @Strunkenbold who is currently maintaining the database? I'm not sure. Edit : Sorry to clarify, they are Deneb cores, but they're nerfed down with the L3 disabled which technically makes them a propus core. I suppose it's the same rule that applies to not allowing unlocked Athlon II X4's? Sorry to open a can of worms and complicate things.
  6. This is almost certainly now the single greatest thread we've ever had on this forum I believe
  7. I also use the exact same nano flasher as TzK, the software is a little bit janky but it's otherwise a perfectly fine product
  8. The title of this post speaks to me on a spiritual level.
  9. I think you just seem to have the same sort of luck I have with E2140s then. I've binned literally over 1000 of the fuckers and only found 3 that were ever worth taking on LN2.
  10. Thank baby jebus Back to the point in hand though I suppose it depends on how many CPUs you've binned? From memory I think about 1 in 12 or so M0's should do 450 at least.
  11. wait VTT or VPLL? Because 1.8v VTT is kinda crazy....... You're running a Rampage extreme right? So you'll only need like 1.25v VTT max, more VTT has a negative effect.
  12. Go to dreamhack winter and round up some kids there
  13. Well I don't go to the gym so I can confirm that it wasn't me.
  14. I heard you only need to take a gym bag to one of their labs for that.
  15. Please don't challenge me like that, I don't have the time for all this binning malarky
  16. I small bit of respect to a sensible discussion goes a long way. People post their reasons for, and those against and that is a debate, shit posting someone who is pretty much single handedly running the site is a bit of a dick move to be perfectly honest.
  17. Yes absolutely why not. We already bench on multiple operating systems, going from 32bit to 64 bit for Cinebench makes a massive difference in score so we already have a similar situation already. I don't know what difference linux makes to the equation
  18. I would assume the issue here is that sombody had submitted a score which was massively off, say 1s Pi Fast with the E8500 and it then knocked all points for other scores out of whack.
  19. So long as there is a viable CPU-Z alternative on Linux and Mac then I don't see the issue moving forward. Would certainly be interesting to see if there are any timing issues etc with Linux based OS's on modern platforms. I think this is a wider discussion again for possibly only using those benchmarks which natively have support on Linux as not to run them through emulators and cause further issues with timing and result validity etc. Possibly worth it's own thread for testing purposes?
  20. Apologies, my mistake, I wasn't aware your voice was the only one that mattered here.
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