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  1. That explains so much...... I thought I was going crazy
  2. Time to get some LN2 on this bad boy and truly max it out I think :D
  3. Although I highly doubt anything will be done about it, it might be worth sending the files through to the CPU-Z developers as I imagine there will be a new revision out shortly anyway with the new AMD CPUs on the horizon.
  4. It might be interesting to have the Div 6 and 7 limitations be 4GHz for CPU (to give Ryzen users a chance) but then no limitations on the GPU, would make for an intersting battle that would be more GPU based limit than CPU. Although I would understand if having sub zero temps on the GPU would go against the ethos of those divisions.
  5. I think we all know how poor AMD sensors work at low temperatures compared to high temps so I know for a fact the temperature will be fine. But just to cover yourself why not just up the temperature by around 2-3c to ensure that the sensor won't bug below 0c, your CPU should easily do those clocks with only 2c more.
  6. You also need to hope that the memory controller can deal with high MHz etc, but yeah I had a similar idea to you and have practiced removing chips on a dead card Although not too successfully might I add....
  7. Why win the board you're already competing with? + It's a nice change and adds a new challenge. I like the fact it won't just be the standard TUSL2-C boards etc May the best chipset win!
  8. I know this is not a discussion thread, but have you tested to make sure that the E6750 isn't faulty?
  9. I could tell you who the winner is going to be too, but I don't want to put other people off competing with me
  10. As above I've seen a couple in the past but passed on them as I was under the impression they'd be slower than a TUSL2-C because nobody had used them. Hindsight I probably should have just got one to try.
  11. Classic April Fools from George when he doesn't post it on the Monday
  12. 5.5Ghz for what, CPU-Z Validation? CInebench stable?
  13. I'd assume that running the board without any capacitor is better than with that long wire due to noise?
  14. I forgot to post a link, but this is what I was refering to. https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?applicationId=21&scoreOperator=more_or_equal&score=&username=&regionCode=&countryId=&teamId=&glPointsOperator=more_or_equal&glPoints=&hwPointsOperator=more_or_equal&hwPoints=&compPointsOperator=more_or_equal&compPoints=&globalTeamPowerPointsOperator=more_or_equal&globalTeamPowerPoints=&hardwareTeamPowerPointsOperator=more_or_equal&hardwareTeamPowerPoints=&totalPointsOperator=more_or_equal&totalPoints=&league=&globalRankOperator=less_or_equal&globalRank=&hardwareRankOperator=less_or_equal&hardwareRank=&cpu=&cpuId=&cpuSubFamily=&cpuSubFamilyId=&cpuFamily=&cpuFamilyId=&cpuBatch=&cpuBatchId=&cpuFreqOperator=less_or_equal&cpuFreq=&numberOfProcessors=&cpuSocketId=&cpuCoolingId=&gpu=&gpuId=&gpuFamily=&gpuFamilyId=&gpuBatch=&gpuBatchId=&gpuCoreFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuCoreFreq=&gpuShaderFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuShaderFreq=&gpuMemFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuMemFreq=&numberOfVideocards=&gpuSocketId=&gpuCoolingId=&mbModel=&mbModelId=&mbChipset=&mbChipsetId=&mbManufacturer=&mbManufacturerId=&mbChipsetBatch=&mbChipsetBatchId=&mbCoolingId=&memType=&memTypeId=&memProduct=Ballistix+Sport&memProductId=165&memManufacturer=&memManufacturerId=&memBatch=&memBatchId=&memFreqOperator=more_or_equal&memFreq=&memTCasOperator=more_or_equal&memTCas=&memCoolingId=&psuWattOperator=more_or_equal&psuWatt=&psuProduct=&psuProductId=&psuManufacturer=&psuManufacturerId=&diskCapacityOperator=more_or_equal&diskCapacity=&diskProduct=&diskProductId=&diskManufacturer=&diskManufacturerId=&dateAfter=&dateBefore=&_bestHardware=on&orderBy=score&limit=20&_imageAttached=on&_videoAttached=on&offset=0 Created using this page : https://hwbot.org/search/submissions
  15. Ok so first off this isn't a bug, it's ranked by memory type/technology i.e. DDR3/4 etc and not the individual ram stick manufacturer, otherwise this would be chaos with GPUs where only MSI Lighnings or Kingpin Classys would face off against each other. Secondly you can use the submission search function to narrow down your results to get a leaderboard with any specific ram stick or GPU or whatever you like, I'll add a link to show you the Crucial Ballistix Sport etc. Finally the database is updated by the moderators at the individual requests of users for non standard hardware, so if you have anything you'd like to add then make a support request at the bottom of the forum. Hope this helps.
  16. you have click on the achievment and try and manually recalculate it to see if that works?
  17. Have you tried recalculating the submission?
  18. Use the following links to see which CPU and GPU benchmarks give points. The ones you listed do not give any points. https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/processor https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/videocard
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