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  1. yy while their pricing is good they changed my delivery eta to next year so I had to find an alternative. Found one but sadly its like 2* the price
  2. Hi, do you guys got anyone to recommend to get ln2 in London? Need ln2 + dewar. Thanks
  3. here you go TurboV_Core_1_05.03_beta.7z
  4. Interested in #1 if available I am in the UK btw if that helps with shipping etc
  5. Try the initial one; seems better than the newer ones will try to find the first beta we got as well
  6. what is this world? when a cloud cant compete with a simple usb 🤔🤔🤔 cpu seems strong. Whats its max 3d05 freq?
  7. Yes its newer but not sure its equally good for 4800c14. This was optimized for mem freq so it can do cl31
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