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  1. there is no 0077 bios afaik
  2. thanks guys. Unfortunately that was the testing/initial run (and the only proper one). After a while I got every kind of problem like condensation under pch hs, dead hdmi cable, paste cracking, x8 on the 2nd gpu etc haha Benching sli on ln2 during computex isnt something I look forward to in the future. Pots are both raptor 3 and the first one was cut by Phil so we can use hb bridge. ^^
  3. FireKillerGR

    OGS - 2x GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - 91826 marks 3DMark05

    thanks ^^ One was with pot held at 15-25C and 2nd with stock cooling. What should I put? :P
  4. FireKillerGR

    "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    let me try my best ok? Random stuff I think he will start charging hwbot or us with a fee of $5k usd for his scores. Other random stuff about 8pack/der8auer that personally I am not aware about but sounds juicy (send info plox). Claiming WRs that dont get points? (omegalul) Whines about satisfaction of mod(s) banning his scores. Did I get it right? If yes, 10% of that 5k pls for my translation services. Thanks
  5. FireKillerGR

    "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Its too easy to get your score approved if you know why (legit) you scored almost 10% above 2nd highest score. Just message moderator in private and say something that you can prove and makes sense. "New version released and is more stable, cpu cores help or whatever." A moderator has the power to block your score(s) if no proof can be provided. Thats how the system(s) work in general.
  6. Cause system should work based on individuals' wishes and requests.
  7. FireKillerGR

    COMPUTEX 2018

    will attend
  8. Thanks guys. 7.2G is doable no worries :D