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  1. Buy an Antex... cheaper than the shipping of whatever you buy from abroad...
  2. Since I checked but don't remember; I will check again once home.
  3. These are some results from last week's tests (no fan on mems + aio on cpu).
  4. Let me check the tightest screenshots on air I got. Wanna try them on cold and see if they can get tighter.
  5. ah - also no maxmem is needed. At least on tight timings and high voltage it wasn't needed.
  6. Yes - no cb/cbb and they scale with voltage big time! No need to heat them up to pass post/get into windows either.
  7. As Alex said. 8700K from normal delidded mount (different pots and pastes btw) to direct die gained about 60MHz on R15 and other heavy 2D. Also the direct die combo that works for 8700K wont work on 9900K unless the IHS bracket has different height as the die of the 9900K is taller/thicker. Either way, I wouldn't suggest delidding a 9900K to run it direct die.
  8. will be there for a couple of days
  9. For sale a retail kit from mid~ 2016. Was being used for quad A1 benching on X299 most of the time as I have better kits for dual channel. Price: 200€ shipped
  10. classic Italian recipe of 3 important ingredients: cpu, mems and of course skill
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