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  1. Yes thats the connector. New cable is required and oc panel will work with z390 mobos as well (gene at least has support for it)
  2. It actually has but it isnt the full length port as it was in the past. Its located in the bottom right side
  3. its to be tested. Goal was the 5k+ elite points before the new revision is released; thats what we focused on.
  4. yeap; was expected that catzilla 720P would turn into a cpu benchmark at some point
  5. FireKillerGR

    [FS] Galax RTX 2080 Ti GOC 2018 with cooler

    Bump once again :3
  6. FireKillerGR

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    What about having a one (or even two) week period to adjust uat based on the voting(s) and then see if everything runs smoothly? @richba5tard is everything fixed or there is work on the pipeline from your end (aka how ready does it feel?)
  7. FireKillerGR

    [FS] Galax RTX 2080 Ti GOC 2018 with cooler

  8. Yeap we keep both between that and had no issues.
  9. As most of you know, ASUS released a new beast based on x299 chipset that looks like an improved hybrid of VI Apex & VI Extreme. Before we continue, have a look on Elmor's guide for R6A since most of the stuff remain unchanged. Main changes First of all its a 4-dimm motherboard that has no issues running 4k+ 12-11 tight on air without any kind of voodoo/magic. Using the b-die profile makes everything super easy and we were able to run both A1 and A2 mem kits without any issues. Also, as you can see below the power delivery got upgraded as we now have double the amount of VRMs we had on Apex Original heatsink now also has 2 fans to assist with cooling whenever load is high. Running on LN2: As mentioned above, you can refer to Elmor's guide to get things started and have an idea of what voltage does what and what the ranges/suggestions are. Overclocking a power hungry chip like the i9 9980XE was like a walk in the park and no issues (so far ). A nice baseline follows: - Just disable the ordinary power saving/cpu features and the devices you might not need. To disable RGB etc use stealth mode that can be found on the devices tab. - Set LLC to level 6, VRM current capability to 240% and whatever else you like to adjust for xoc. - vCore 1.47~V is what worked for both the 7980XE and 9980XE we tested but keep in mind that some benchmarks and chips will need less/higher vCore to max out. - Input voltage: 2.1~v is what we used for most of the chips we ran and had no issues running from 5.5 (retail 7980xe) to 5.9+ GHz. - Cache voltage: 1.3~V is ok to run cache at 3.8-3.9 on our cpu. You can try higher if you see scaling. - SA/IO: 1.20-1.25~V on both works fine for 4k+ quad channel. Note: LN2 switch isn't necessary. We could run using the above voltages and have LN2 switch disabled without issues. The above voltages are more of a baseline and tweaking is needed to max out your cpu, cache or mem freq! In case you remove the OLED display that comes mounted on the heatsink, you can use OC Panel or Roman's debug tool to check the post codes. Here is the R6 OC Pack that contains most -if not all- of the stuff you might need. Will post more if we find anything that might help.
  10. any decent recent cpu should be able claim most of the hw first places of older cards.
  11. Guess more than the globals makes sense for the following reasons: a) many more ways to get hw top places due to tons of different parts b) easier for a guy who cant afford expensive binning/parts so he doesnt run out of options c) not sure about this but I guess it would also add higher value to the whole hw section overall and would make things more interesting
  12. 30 I think gives a better overall image vs less subs that can be a result of just a good cpu or gpu. For example 1x good 9900k can last for a while and can result in more than 6-7 results. Having more will make the competitive users run stuff that they wouldnt probably care otherwise. Either way, open to listen to different perspectives on this one.
  13. For sale the card as the title mentions. Clean and comes with arctic accelero xtreme iv. Price 1400€ shipped