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  1. Necessary no; time efficient? yes. All 4 scores were done in 2 hours. Would have taken longer if we had to defrost + swap mobo/cpu. :) @AKM thanks buddy!
  2. totally agree; feels like cinebench at this point. Only difference is that it requires a couple GPUs lol
  3. I got to say that the memory clocks give a fair advantage. Will run wazza and rebench 😝
  4. This is under NDA afaik. You can try reaching out to Galax/Galax OC Lab in order to get access
  5. yes but my take was more of aiming to have heavier tests (in general) whenever we add something new from now on. Super 1080p does ok at the moment but afraid it might turn into 3D11, 3DV etc that are heavily bottlenecked by the cpu even on their respective graphic tests. Even TS has started showing this with dual gpu setups which will potentially turn into a single gpu issue as well in a couple generations.
  6. was thinking about a potential swap between super 1080p and tsx (re globals). Thats based on the fact that tsx is not maxed out (both gpu and cpu) yet so it would be more of a futureproof solution (?) to avoid having massive changes in an anual base.
  7. 01 getting globals while being "oldschool" is a bit meh imo since it will still scale with newer cpus running at higher freq. Wanna compensate hw (aka oldschool) guys for running it? Increase the hw point cap on 01. For globals, would like 03/05 instead (mostly 03 as it still kinda scales with gpu/clocks + more tuning vs 05) and maybe revisit it in the future if needed (?). Rest of them I think make sense except the stupid cat. Benchmark with probably 0 support from its author. Had issues for which I dont think I ever heard from them + we saw more buggy runs vs any other 3DMark (while 100
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